Finding deals done faster.

More deals with less effort.

An average major city has over 27,000 active properties for sale at any given time, and only a very slim fraction of those make “cents” for us real estate investors! Propelio analyzes EVERY property for sale on the MLS, and then compares the list price of that property to comparable sales in that area. If the property’s list price is substantially lower than the recent comparable home sales, we have a potential deal!


Less time searching and more time scoring deals.

Ever wonder how amazing it would be to find the best real estate deals faster than anybody else? With our equity-mining software doing all the heavy lifting for you, even notifying you immediately when great deals are listed on the market, there has never been an easier way to find those hidden profitable properties.


All the info you need to make a decision.

When the system finds these properties for you, not only do you get all the info about the property, but we also provide a comprehensive CMA that includes:

  • MLS Sales Price
  • Photos of Comparables
  • Days on Market
  • Sold date
  • Property details (Beds, Baths, etc.)


Multiple saved searches for different deal types.

You can create multiple alerts based on different criteria for your investing strategies: wholesales in the northern part of town, a rental in the great central neighborhoods, or a rehab in the booming west side of town with low days on market. With Deal Alerts it’s easy to find the best discounted real estate deals.


The key to being competitive in a tough market is speed and consistency.

Instant notifications, and the constant flow of automated deal alerts, keep you making offers. With just a few minutes of sifting through our automated deal alerts, you will have the address of a high-equity potential deal and all the comps to support it. All that remains to be done is a quick walk through the home before you make the purchase.