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“Propelio has permitted our real estate department to get on one platform to evaluate properties and communicate responsibilities within the team. It has allowed team members full access to comping properties, and the ease of use while on the go is essential to our field reps. This service is long overdue and has instantly proved to be a value add to our day to day operation.”

Adonis Lockett, Lockett N Homes

"Just tried it out about 15 minutes great. Got two comps in great form and accuracy. Product looks very nice and very user friendly!"

James Real Estate Investments

"A great way to get comps and quickly. It took me less than 20 minutes to train my assistant to do comps on Propelio, very intuitive and easy to learn. Their customer service is great too, responding quickly to questions and listening to suggestions for improvements."

Will W.

"Propelio is so vital to my business. One of the best decisions I've made is signing up. 24/7 access to MLS data is a must. It allows me to work confidently with sellers, investors, other RE professionals. The additional lead sources are a definite perk."

Christy S., Love Investors

"This is an Amazing Tool. The difference between Propelio and other sources is clearly night & day!! This system offers many more tools than just comps and the information is presented in manner where anyone can understand it.

The Propelio team is Wonderful and they strive to answer your questions immediately, even during late night hours. They completely understand the challenges that Investors face because they are Investors. This was one of the best decisions I could have made!! So Happy!! Keep up the Wonderful Work!!!"

Jocelyn C.

I have been using Propelio since 2 months ago and each time I compare with other MLS access tools, I can see the benefit. Propelio has too much for offer, including a fastest way to do CMA, amazing customer service and great response to any questions. I challenged Propelio recently with my Real Estate Agent and I was able to find faster information about properties than a common MLS search. They are always present in REIA events and always willing to clarify any questions from REI. If you are thinking on get a great tool to get comps, Propelio is the way to do it fast. Great job Propelio, you have saved to my company a lot of time. Greetings from Palmier Properties.

Luis B.

I use it daily and hasn't failed me yet! Propelio rocks! The guys behind it all listen to my concerns and thoughts of how it could be even greater for investors. They aim to please their Propelio users.

Jacob C.

I love this tool. It gives comps quickly which allows you to make offers faster. I also want to mention the amazing people at Propelio. When I have a question, they are extremely quick to respond and it seems like they never sleep as I have asked questions at some odd hours :) GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Eileen M.

Invaluable tool. Great customer service. Everyone should use this software....even if you have access to MLS!

Susan T.

I believe this tool is the #1 resource that is needed for any investor working with multiple deals to communicate better with the team and to keep all the info in one place and handy. Best thing about it - it's brought by active and successful RE investor that knows exactly what makes your business run smoother in today's reality.

Olga F.

These dudes actually respond when you have a question. Legit.

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