Real estate investing has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, ours included.

…and the only barrier to that change? Is the knowledge required to make it happen. This knowledge has been historically guarded secrets that made investing in real estate seem impossible. With this knowledge you can literally amass generational wealth. You can support your family and quit your day job, regardless of your past or education levels. This knowledge applied is powerful, and Propelio wants you to win.

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle and the life of that candle will not be shortened”

We understand working a 9-5, or even worse a 9-9, missing out on family, telling our friends and family we can’t afford a vacation, nice car, or sometimes even the basic necessities such as a place to live or a warm meal. We have been there.
The simple fact that you’re reading this leads us to believe that you understand struggle as well. That’s why we have created a free, high-quality, and comprehensive real estate investing learning platform for you called The Propelio Academy.

You will need to do far more than just watch and study these videos. You will need to obsess over this knowledge and then do something so many others are to scared to do. Apply it.

You are here reading this now because somewhere inside you is a why. A why that is bigger than your fear. When this gets tough, and it will, believe in yourself, remember why you started, and remind yourself that your why is bigger than your fear.

The Team Here At Propelio Understands Struggle.

Our co-founder, Daniel Moore, has lived a life not much different than many of yours reading this.

A life filled with struggle. However, as real estate investing changed his life — those around him noticed. Friends, family, and even complete strangers were all looking for the answer to their struggle.

This is why the academy is here. The team here at Propelio spent weeks debating how much the academy would cost, and eventually settled on the simple answer – you can’t put a price on changing someone’s life. The academy is free. Always will be. And it is our gift to you.

Those like Grant Kemp, one of the first contributors to this movement, who spent over a year recording and generating a massive library of content for you. Like you, Grant has experienced struggle, and wants each and everyone of you to win. These instructors often have services or products to offer so please don’t hesitate to look them up. if you have studied the content and are seeking a personal mentor to accelerate your path to success don’t hesitate to reach out to your favorite trainer to see how you may be able to work together. As a final thought, please watch this video from our co-founder, Daniel Moore, explaining in his own words why the Propelio academy is here, for you.

The academy has been made possible by the generous contributions of many.

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