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how and where can i hire a mortgage originator?  

Gloria Hahn

Hi! I called a website to know the useary laws in PA and got the banking and securities folks. He said btw you're going to have to have....

installement seller license $250 yearly fingerprinted and police check

partially exempt mortgage company license $100 one time,, fbi fingerprint, police check

and BECOME a mortgage originator 400-500$ OR have an employee one. the Exam 100k bond for yearly $1000 and 3 hr exam...for mostly stuff i'll never do paperwork only when i can hire someone...but i don't have enough for an "employee"

for me to sell mobile homes (buy, rehab and finance them). I slammed into a granite wall here.

I was told by some of the video mentors (one i emailed)out there that you can HIRE an originator but the PA banking (nazi's, sorry)said NO I can't.

when I remembered PA allows 2 MH sales without a dealer's license I called back the banking nazi and asked if in THOSE 2 I'd have to be a MO,  and she was actually mad and didn't know but said well,well we already KNOW now you want to be a business. I said of course it do that's why I'm calling you. But PA allows 2 first to see if it's for you and get some capital up.

John Fedro (of the youtube) is big into mh biz told me I don't have to BE a MO but can hire one, i tried to called around and explain that I need someone to just do my little loan's "paperwork"...they all are turning me down for they want loans with THERE banks.

the banking nazi told me I can become a MO or have a MO as an employee..but i'm a small fish 4k in life policy to cash out and 25k in an IRA i can't afford an "employee".

would someone here please be so kind as to help me figure this out for the state of PA ..if any MH flippers can help. I'd be so grateful. Gloria 

Posted : 24/07/2020 7:09 pm