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Another Dallas Excited Investor  


Hello All! My name is Donovan and while I'm not new to investing or to Propelio, I am new to the Propelio Academy and forums.  I have been wholesaling for a few years and have just recently opened up my eyes to the wonderful world of creative financing and lease options and it has changed my business 10 fold!  I'm actually upset at myself for being so late to the party, especially since one of my really good friends has been super successful at this and was even featured on an episode of Propelio TV last month.  Either way, I'm excited to learn more, take massive, immediate action, meet some likeminded people along the way, and pull others up with us as we all succeed.   

Posted : 13/01/2020 7:41 am
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Posted : 16/01/2020 12:57 am