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Hello from Nashville, Tennessee!  

Scott Embry

Hello Propelio Nation!  My name is Scott Embry and 2020 will start my Real Estate Investing career.  Currently I work full-time as an Engineer for a company who fixes landslides (I love this job).  I'm also a Veteran who served in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-07.  

First I want to tip the hat to Daniel and his team at Propelio for this platform and the network that is building here.  I resonate with the vision of Propelio and appreciate the focus on education.  I tend to overanalyze everything and there is enough education on Propelio for even us overthinkers to take action!

I have 2 main goals for 2020:

1) Do 4 deals this year.  I plan to use a Self-Directed IRA for these investments and use them as college savings accounts for my 2 girls.  This is my WHY! 

2) Build my network, systems and processes.  By the end of 2020 I want to scale from 4 deals in 2020 to 12 deals in 2021.  

Any advice and/or help accomplishing these goals will be greatly appreciated.  Feel free to send reputable REI's, attorneys, title companies, local banks, private money lenders, etc. my way that operate in Middle Tennessee.

Daniel - Hit me up if  you want to expand to Nashville...Top 3 market in the nation! Corey already has his mastermind comin, where ya at? ? 

God bless everyone


Scott Embry

Posted : 11/01/2020 5:47 pm