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Looking for a little guidance.  


New investor yet to make my first purchase want to be fully transparent i’v gone through the videos on the mobile home investing still trying to come up with an application for potential buyers i’v chose mobile home investment due to I’m an oilfield worker and my job isn’t steady and can’t get a loan so I’m trying to build steady income to be able to purchase bigger income properties for example duplexes I’ve contacted a local real estate lawyer that will do all the legal paperwork for the FSBO I’ve added that in the budget for my first purchase which is 10k it’s most certainly scary to make a first purchase and coming off that kind of money but I’v found a couple mobile homes that’s right at my total budget but I’d move in ready maybe small things here and there from what I’ve seen or do I go but a cheaper home and put 5k in it and be under budget the ones the are at the top of my budget is far more aesthetically looking on the outside. Any thoughts and I’m investing in south Louisiana 

Posted : 10/12/2020 4:36 pm