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O'Cealleigh Properties LLC  


Good day! 

My name is Chris Kelley and I am from Virginia. I am a disabled veteran and small business owner. I currently own an automotive aftermarket company that specializes in performance, suspension and other upgrades for pickup trucks like the Ford Raptor. However, the current status of the automotive industry in general, supply chain issues and otherwise have severely slowed revenue generation from 2020 going through 2021. I am use to being at the $1.4M annually in overall revenue, but am down $500,000 in revenue so far for 2021 and that hurts with the small margins in what we do here. 

ANYWAY, I have GOT to make a change. I don't have a choice. I refuse to let my family go down financially and lose our family "homeplace" because I couldn't make a change. So I am signing on to get this going for myself and my family. 

I have been considering doing something in real estate for quite some time and already incorporated a property management company that I will use as the base for this operation. I also have a daughter that is 18 and graduated high school in 2021 with an "Advanced Diploma", Magna Cum Lauda, Governor's seal, National Honor's Society, etc and just two weeks before that graduated from Wytheville Community College with an Associates in business management, Suma Cum Lauda, Governor's seal, and all the trimmings with that one to. She literally MAXED out what she had available in our small rural community and she is now living at home, attending Liberty University Online pursuing a Bachelor's in Business with a specialty in Real Estate (this was already her plan and has been for years now). 

I share that about my daughter, because while I make this change and provide the base and my experience to the mix, my daughter is joining me on this journey. She will be studying, learning, growing and working alongside me as we move forward in this. 

I am JUST getting started as of today, October 19, 2021. We have talked about it and because of the numbers I am used to in the past from my other business, I want to set a goal of hitting $1M in generated revenue (profit for deals closed) for the company within the next 12-18 months. That is not the limit of where my daughter and I see this going, as she has already expressed her desire to make millions/billions in her life and she is not one to jest about anything like that. 

So this is us, this is it, this is our time and we hope to make friends, associates and otherwise as we embark on our new lives and maybe spend time with all of you over the coming years of success! 

Please feel free to offer any advice or otherwise. 

As for the name of my property management company, "O'Cealleigh" is the original Irish surname that my last name is derived from. 

Posted : 19/10/2021 6:20 pm

I should add to this that we will primarily be starting out going through the training before we get into using cold calling initially to keep costs down. 

AS for market we are in, we live in Southwest Virginia, however, will be primarily working in our region to start.  I don't know of any at the moment because I have not gone through checking the market yet. I have watched a couple of the training videos, I am currently reading "7 Figure Battle" and soaking all that in. My daughter is taking the same steps I am at the moment and I am going to project that we'll be reading to begin cold calling within about the next 30 days or so.  

I do have some questions already if someone wouldn't mind answering:

When working in this fashion, are there major differences between working deals for single family homes and commercial properties? 

What about rental properties? Are they worth it in the end?

Who out there diversifies and has a mix of deals done for immediate profit and deals done for investment in properties that provide residual passive income? 


Another side note, I am also already working on a few other people joining our team. People I know that I would trust to take on this ride with us. For anyone that has a partnership with their teams with partnership agreements in place, that can serve as some kind of guide in how to set those up so that each team member is a "partner" in the company, filling me in on that would be tremendously appreciated. 


Posted : 19/10/2021 7:10 pm