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Grab Readers' Attention Through Amazing Essay Hooks
Are you struggling to write my essay but there are already a lot of deadlines? 

Are you already stressed about the thought of writing an amazing essay but there’s not enough time?

Do you want the readers to get flabbergasted when they read your essay? 

Well… the best and the most appropriate way to do that is to get the audience really interested in your essay by lending a really catchy and intriguing character to your introduction. For this purpose and to make the rest of your essay an outstanding one, you need to get familiar with attention-grabbing essay hooks that significantly engage the audience of your paper. 
In most cases, the hook is a sentence or a cluster of sentences that instantly attracts people into reading your essay. 

These hooks also make the readers wonder what will happen next and the readers stick to your essay until the very end. 

In this post, we will get you familiar with various types of essay hooks that will grab the attention of your readers the next time you ask an expert to write my essay for me.

A quotation hook that is really thought-provoking


You are free to use any quote as long as it can be traced back to the thesis of your statement or if it can be traced back to support whatever you are writing in your essay. Just make sure to properly cite the quote and never change its wording. If you will change even a single word of the quote, it will not appear as striking or remarkable. 
For example, if you are writing about the adverse effects of climate change, you can quote the ex-president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, when he said, “No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.” 

Sounds intimidating… right??

A statistic hook that can invoke wonder in the readers


Here’s a fact: Across the globe, 3 hours per day are spent on social media networks by the world population. 
If you will start your essay with an interesting statistic like the above-mentioned, there is a greater chance that readers won’t be able to leave your essay unread. A statistics hook is eye-catching and makes the readers think about themselves a bit too much. 

If you are already full to capacity with deadlines, just reach out for expert 24/7 ‘essay writing service’. No one expects you to be a perfect writer and if you are still passionate about giving your essay that peculiar flair that everyone is talking about, scroll down and have a look at some more tips to make your essay more alluring. 

A rhetorical device hook - simile/personification/ metaphor / ethos / pathos / Logos / kairos 

This hook will engage your reader because these devices make a reader think about a piece of writing in a completely different way. Ethos, pathos, and logos have the ability to persuade people and if you will use these hooks, the readers will be able to relate to these scenarios or conditions. 

A challenge hook - strong statement- declaration

If you start your essay with strong, assertive claims or sweeping statements, your readers will definitely go through the essay once. The reason behind this is the fact that it does not matter whether the reader supports your claim or not. It signifies that you have given attention to detail and are strongly supporting your thesis statement. This will intrigue the readers and they will find weaknesses or some loopholes in your essay. 
That would require a thorough reading of the essay,... right???

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