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In 1981, C. L. Davidson and his wife, Dawn, established Davidson Pharmacy. C. L. graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Mississippi. He subsequently earned a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Arkansas. C. L. is from Tupelo, Mississippi, where he resided with his deceased parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jiggs Davidson.

C. L. and Dawn Raleigh have three children, named Max, Lauren, and James. C. L. is a deacon at the First Baptist Church in Booneville, Mississippi, where he worships with his family. Together with his boys, C. L. loves a range of outdoor sports, including duck and deer shooting. C. L. and Dawn dwell in Booneville with their "granddogs" Winston, Sadie, Maggie, and Diesel after 25 years of childrearing.

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