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Dissertations Proposal Structure

A good proposal for a dissertation should start with an introduction, body, and conclusion. A fitting beginning section has to be something about the topic under study. The literature review that has been done is essential in the bibliography or works cited part. Also, it would help if the reader gets a clear picture of the issue being addressed in the paper. As such, a well-written proposal will keep the readers interested in going through the whole of it

However, not every student is great at coming up with a perfect introductory paragraph. Besides, some students tend to leave the section with their eyes open. In which case, they end up losing marks because of missing the purpose of the entire article.

There is no right way of hooking the readers in the first place. Thus, before you can develop your intro, ask yourself if it's worth it. Basing on examples from videos and sound clips, you may begin with a question. If yes, continue. Then you’ll proceed to state the basis of the research that will accompany the opening.

Thesis Statement

This component aims to capture the target of the project. Hence, it is crucial to nail down on a single focus that will ensure all the points stressed are covered. The following information is vital when crafting a dissertation proposal;

Claim to have conducted the previously performed dissertation.

Ties related to the theme of the paper.

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Objectives and goals that will be achieved.

Research questions.

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