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How can AI bring Innovation in Digital Marketing?
If you want to understand your audience and get closer to it so that you can interact with them with the help of a social media agency and can compel them to choose your products and prefer your services over other facebook ads agency in Dubai services then artificial intelligence can help you in achieving your objectives. The concept of artificial intelligence has been in our imagination long before the advanced age i.e when computers were just some adding machines and it took them a whole room to perform their tasks. But as technology became more and more advance the things that we only think of as fiction started to turn into reality. 
But it is quite different than we expected and instead of humanoid robots doing our home chores we got personal assistants to help us with various things. We are modifying technology and AI to become like humans but what does it have to do anything with Digital Marketing Agency Dubai?
Artificial intelligence and marketing
In the old times, people used the voice and the newspapers for marketing and used to tell everything through their mouths but as the technology became a little advance, we started to make use of TVs and Radios so that we can market our business and reach to a large number of audience in a small amount of time. Even though it was expensive but businesses still made use of it so that they could generate sales and earn profits. But nowadays the technology has become really advanced and new marketing strategies and techniques are added which promote your business products and services cost-effectively and more efficiently. Now the social media agency Dubai society has also started to make use of artificial intelligence techniques which allows them to run more functional marketing campaigns. 
Benefits of artificial intelligence
Aritificial intelligence allows you to interact with your audience in a better way and due to this interaction AI generates sales and fire up your business revenue. AI makes use of Retargeting, Chatbots, Content Curation, Marketing Automation, Google Ads management, and Dynamic Pricing, etc to generate effective results. 

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