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Types of Laser Levels For Different Purposes

In the measuring tools world, laser levels have long been reputable for high accuracy and versatility. With a laser level, you can forget all the string lines or bubble levels and get rid of all the guesswork, hence avoid costly errors in building and construction. Laser levels offer users the ability to tackle a broad array of tasks, both outdoors and indoors.

That being said, it is a daunting task to find the right one among a wide variety of products available. Don’t feel confused. In this article, we will take you through some of the most common types of laser levels.

Different types of laser levels

Line Laser Levels

Being the most popular type of laser level among builders and homeowners, line laser level can aid users in many different kinds of projects that require leveling and aligning tasks.

Typically, line laser level projects laser beams as either a horizontal line or a vertical line. Some models can even emit these lines simultaneously to create a cross line shape, offering users the versatility to handle various jobs. The best cross line laser level can let you work easily with high accuracy in almost all professional or around-the-house applications, from aligning tiles, applying studs to hanging picture frames.

Spot Laser Levels

Spot laser levels will emit small laser dots on the surfaces that you are working on. This tool is perfect for anyone who is looking for a product that can help transfer reference points from the floor to the ceiling. With level or plumb spots, this laser level is the most ideal for installing lighting or electric systems.

Rotary Laser Levels

Rotary laser levels are the devices that can cover a 360-degree plan with a horizontal line, a vertical line, or both lines at once. Moreover, rotary laser levels often come with more advanced features that are required mostly in professional-grade jobs.

The best thing about rotary lasers is the significantly long working range, with laser beams at a high accuracy level. That’s why this type has long been highly recommended as the best laser level for builders.


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Our thoughts

Rotary laser levels, with large and bulky design, are ideal for professional uses. That said, they are typically the most expensive among the three types.

For builders and DIY-er with small-scale projects, the best laser level for the money is often a combination between line and spot laser levels. This type of laser level will bring users the best of both worlds, where they can optimize the tool’s capability.

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Those are the three most common types of laser levels we have compiled, so you don’t have to. Before making your purchase to any products, consider carefully what you need and crosscheck with this concise guide. In this way, you will have a clearer vision of which is the right tool for yourself.


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