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30 Unique Motivational Speech Topics that would Hook the Audience


What is good in speaking in front of a large number of people when the speaker fails to attract the attention of her audience? Public speaking is not an easy task and those who speak and convince people with their words are not ordinary people. It not only takes courage to come forward and speak before a large gathering but also the hard work and effort of the speaker to prepare the speech.


Speeches are of different kinds. Some are delivered to inform the audience, others to make an argument. Among others, a motivational speech is the most common but the difficult one as compared to others. To motivate people for a particular idea, task, or to convince them to take action (s) requires expertise in speaking, effective communication, and a lot of knowledge. The speaker should also need to be well versed in reasoning and analytical skills. Selection of the topic is also very important if you are going to deliver a speech to win a contest. One can find plenty of motivational speech topics, yet what is best among them is the one you deem fit for you.
A motivational speech is much beyond mere speaking, it is the art of speaking to inspire, helping the audience reflect, and make decisions with the help of words. Using emotional appeal and valid arguments, the speaker can influence a large body of people. For s student, this kind of speech is important from a professional point of view as in her career, she will need to motivate people, inspire them, and call them to action.  If you are an excellent essay writer you may not face any difficulty in articulating the powerful sentences for a motivational speech. Otherwise, you may not.
The selection of a good topic can ease your burden by half. If you have ever participated in essay writing service competition, you will have the idea that the selection of the topic plays a pivotal role in winning the contest. Therefore, it is equally important to pay attention to topic selection as without a grip over the topic, no one can deliver a good speech.
A motivational speech aims to help people focus their attention on a particular issue, building consensus of the people or helping people to gear up for a collective cause, or inspiring them to search and implement solutions for a particular problem. If we leave the subject aside, all motivational speeches start with remarkable, shocking statistics, or a question. It is immediately followed by a position statement and then arguments in its favor. Every motivational speech makes a call to action in the end.
This article has collected some of the most exciting, catchy, and heart-touching topics for a motivational speech.
1)      Success is not without sacrifice
2)      Failure is not the end
3)      Persistence is a must in life
4)      Hard work and consistency are key to success
5)      Starting a new business online
6)      Unity in diversity
7)      Education for personal gratification
8)      American dream worth living
9)      Helping others
10)  Saving planet from depletion, for more useful guidelines visit write my essay.
11)  Avoiding noise-making
12)  Making earth pollution-free
13)  Importance of cleanliness in life
14)   Importance of life
15)  Teamwork is essential to succeed in business
16)   Value of justice
17)   Ending poverty
18)   Faith in yourself
19)  Self believe is the best belief
20)  Putting trust in your team can save you from loss
21)   Art of dealing with problems
22)  Learning from feedbacks
23)  Preparing to perform dynamic roles
24)   Importance of prudence in democracy
25)  Gratefulness is the essence of being human
26)  What we do today becomes an asset for coming generations
27)    Your ability is determined by but you do
28)   Value of discipline in life
29)  Training oneself in mastering the art of good thinking
30)  The art of self-style philanthropy  

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