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ZRT Testing is used to determine hormone and cortisol levels. Saliva, Urine & Blood Spot testing are available. Here are some tips for sample collection.

Have questions about hormone replacement therapy with bioidentical hormones? We have the answers.

What does BHRT represent?

Replacement with bioidentical hormones. BHRT refers to the administration of hormones with similar chemical structures to those naturally produced by the human body.

2. What does BHRT do?

Treats menopause, perimenopause, and postmenopause symptoms.

How are BHRT therapies developed?

When bioidentical hormones are acquired from a compounding pharmacy, a customized cocktail of hormones is prepared for each patient. These hormones can be acquired at a typical pharmacy in a variety of predetermined dosages. In both cases, prescriptions are determined by a set of tests conducted by a physician. Many bioidentical hormones are derived from soybeans and wild yams, which contain unique components that are chemically processed into identical reproductions of hormones produced by the body. In addition to being cost-effective, they can rapidly extract components and transform them into perfect duplicates of human hormones.

4. What is BHRT like?

After a physician confirms that a patient is experiencing a hormonal decrease, he or she will provide static dosage, which involves estimating hormone levels and prescribing the same dose of estradiol every day of the month. During days 18 through 28, a doctor would provide a constant dosage of progesterone to mimic what the body had previously produced.

What are the many types of BHRT?

Static dosage is a method. There is also rhythmic cycling, which is based on natural cycles and is intended to mirror the period when women are at their most fertile. In BHRT, rhythmic cycling is a relatively recent method.

6. How is BHRT taken?

Bioidentical hormones are administered through injection, cream, suppository, or orally.

The compounding facility at Newberry Express Pharmacy is available to meet all of your BHRT needs.

Flu vaccinations
Each year, the influenza virus mutates and a new dominant strain emerges. Due to the virus's extreme mutability, a given vaccine formulation typically only lasts around a year. Getting a flu vaccination yearly protects against the year's most prevalent flu viruses. For high-risk groups, such as children and the elderly, vaccination against influenza using a flu vaccine is strongly advised.

Vaccination against pneumonia is essential for avoiding pneumonia in both children and adults. Vaccination against pneumonia in the first year of life has significantly decreased the incidence of pneumonia in children. Vaccinating children against Streptococcus pneumoniae has also resulted in a decrease in the incidence of these diseases in adults, as many people get these infections from children. It is advised for all healthy persons over 65, as well as those with emphysema, congestive heart failure, diabetes mellitus, cirrhosis of the liver, alcoholism, CSF fluid leaks, or no spleen. In addition, a booster immunization may be necessary every five or 10 years.

The vaccination for zoster has been on the market for some years and is designed for anyone over the age of 60. Anyone who has been exposed to the chicken pox virus carries the virus that can cause a zoster outbreak. Once inoculated, a person is protected for life against the herpes zoster virus. Simply visit Newberry Express Pharmacy to obtain this immunization.

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