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3 Pro Tips to Use a Page Calculator

A page calculator is an online tool to calculate the total number of pages you've used for your academic paper. It includes a word counter and a character counter that you can access with a single click.

The page calculator offers precise results whenever you use it. Moreover, its developers make daily upgrades ensuring you always get a wonderful experience. You can also access this tool without paying for it in three simple steps.

1. Enter the text – Go to the "Paste Text" section and include the written task. Or, you can place the accurate number of words within the "Paste Text" box and read the character count. You can also type the text in this section and clear it with a single click from the “Clear” button. Related": Engineering Dissertation Topics

2. Make adjustments – Different assignments require their unique Font Styles and Sizes on the papers. Using different numeric options, you can also alter the font size on this FREE page count calculator.

3. Set the spacing – Based on the academic needs, you can alter the spacing within the text to 1, 1.5 or double spaces. Again, you can do all this on your page count tool with a click of your mouse button. Related": proposal essay topics

You must know the set requirements for font style, size, and spacing on your assignment.

Pros of the Page Calculator
You can use the word counter across various assignments to meet your requirements. This online page calculator tool is available 24x7 and is simple to use. All you do is include the text, make any changes or adjustments, and set the spacing, and you'll get the results. Moreover, you can use this tool without spending a single penny from your wallet. Related": Vancouver Referencing Generator

Are you struggling to identify the word count of your assignment with your Word Processor?You can use an online page calculator to get the accurate count in one click.

Use an online page calculator to get your assignment's total number of words. Page calculator can help you when you're rushing to meet deadlines.

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