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History of Attar and Its Benefits

Attar - History, Meaning and Benefits

Attar is a Persian word that means 'aroma'. These perfumes are some of the oldest known in the world and were used long before the age of perfumes, scents, and deodorants. They are still used in early Indian civilizations, such as the Indus Valley. They can be made from plants, or flowers that have been distilled with slight heat. They are condensed in water. These are basically diluted oils. They also contain herbs, spices, and sandalwood.

They were stored in copper distillation vessels back in ancient times. These perfume jars were used throughout Asia and Arabian civilizations. Its inventors traveled across the subcontinent to trade and collect more innovative raw material. Ittars, as they are also called, could be custom perfumes that could be made on the spot. This tradition is still alive today, particularly in rural areas and towns. Many Hindu texts mention the creation of some of the first perfumes in the world using a variety herbs. The creation of fragrant oils is mentioned in Ayurvedic texts such as the Charaka Samhita.

Ittar water was a popular option for bathing in ancient Indians. Ittar water was used to clean the petals of various combinations of flowers. Rosewater is still a popular cosmetic product that is used throughout Asia. They were sacred in many subcontinental areas. This belief lasted until the Middle Ages, sometimes even into the present day. Mirza Ghalib, an Urdu poet, immortalized them. They were also beloved by Mughal emperors who ordered them from far-off places. They are made in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Slowly, the original methods and business behind their production are fading.

There are many types of attars. They can be classified according to various categories. However, it is easier to classify them by their origin. We have flower ittars. These are made from the distillation of flowers petals such as roses and jasmine. Their use has been documented throughout Asian history. You can also find herb sources - here, different herbs and spices are distilled in order to make it. Amber and Musk are two examples. Baked earth is the source of Mitti attar. Some of the most popular flowers used in the creation are rose, lotus, marigold, jasmine and lotus.

Benefits of Attars

There are many healing benefits to these herbs that go beyond the aroma. They can be used on the skin in a dilute form or applied to the skin as a stress-relieving agent and health tonic. They can be applied to the knees and joints to treat bone issues like arthritis and rheumatism. They can also be used to treat asthma, cough, and other breathing problems. They are good for treating the common cold as they act as energisers.

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