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If you go with a "guru" please vet them...thoroughly  


I started in RE in September '17. I went to a local presentation by a local REI group (here in Houston, if you want details contact me). At the time neither one of us had a job and I was just about to give birth to our 2nd child. We got pushed through the sales funnel and opted for their mentoring program as we were promised DM marketing and direct access to mentors. Everything was great until the 1st full day of training (the bus tour) was over. I actually give birth the day after and from that point forward communication pretty much died. We tried several times to have our "mentor" come on appointments with us, which never happened. He actually stood us up a couple of times. We were never really onboarded so even the DM marketing was just turned on without letting us know, so I dont know how many possible deals we lost out on, because the phone calls were missed. 

So we have been trying to just chug along on our own. We are pretty much 2 months away from bankruptcy. 

Long story short: Do your research and do it well. Even locally people are out there to screw you over at any cost. Just stick to Propelio, you are in good hands here!

Posted : 06/02/2019 11:24 pm
Awesome ScottB

It turned out badly of course, you need to be careful!

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