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Implementing Daniel's Water Leads System  

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First of all I wanted to say thank you to Daniel for the water leads video. I’m a 20 year old “student of real estate” up in Massachusetts. I watched his water list video, read and researched the relevant public records laws for my state, and put together an excel spreadsheet of the water records request info for over 100 towns. 

Now that it comes time to actually pull the records, I have run into some significant roadblocks. Daniel said in his presentation that there are 4 reasons the water could get shut off. But the towns are telling me the water gets turned off every single time a water meter gets replaced, a plumber comes to the house to do some work, the owner goes to Florida for the winter, etc. Basically they’re saying most of the time the water gets turned off for routine activities, not distress-related reasons.

And even if the property is vacant, the town doesn’t have the right to just shut off the water. The owner has to specifically tell the town to do it. The same goes for non-payment of water bills. I don’t know how it is in Texas, but in Massachusetts the towns won’t shut off the water if you stop paying. They’ll just put a water lien on the property, or add the dues to the property tax bill. Even more crazy is that some towns don’t even keep track of water shutoffs!

So the big question is, how could I phrase/construct my records request so I don’t end up with a list full of duds?

Posted : 30/10/2019 2:33 am

For some reason, it turns out to me that there will be many useless things on the list anyway

Posted : 19/02/2021 4:00 pm

Great, looking forward for more

Posted : 07/06/2021 9:30 am

This is useful


Posted : 17/08/2022 9:02 am