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This is your first step in what we hope is a long and prosperous relationship with Propelio – The Live or Pre-Recorded Demo will take you through each feature, how it works and the value that you can expect from Propelio. We give you 50% OFF Your First Month (total value $70 value) just for completing the demo on top of your 7 day trial.














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30-Day No Risk Guarantee!

We know Propelio works wonders. It has for us! That’s why we offer a risk-free, 30-day guarantee. If Propelio doesn’t work for you in the first 30 days, no problem. We’ll give you a full refund.

Why do we offer 50% off the first month for a demo?

We find that our customers that complete the demo have a much richer understanding of the features and become our best customers. We want you to decide if Propelio will deliver what you need to grow your business and the Demo is the best way for you to get all the information you need. Our pricing is simple at $89/month, no contract. 2 Options for the Demo – We recommend that you schedule a live session with one of our product specialists, you can click the link below the demo video to schedule OR if you want to watch a pre-recorded demo, just enter your information above to unlock the Demo and we will email you your discount code at the end of the video.

The Live Demo is the better of the options, you get a live Propelio Expert that guides you through not just the features, but how these features were designed to Make You More Money.

If scheduling doesn’t work for the Live Demo, you can watch our pre-recorded 10 minute demo that will give you a solid understanding of how to get started. You can always schedule the live demo after if you need more info.

  • 5 star review  My husband and our acquisition agent uses Propelio to run their comps and they love it. Quick service when I had a question. Very simple to use.

    thumb Betsy Tidwell

    5 star review  So I'm a Realtor that's pretty new to RE investing...that being said, this was my first RE Networking event and man did Propelio set the standard. I've followed Propelio since October of last year and they have provided a world of knowledge. The content marketing they provide is hands down the best i've come across. It's pretty simple, they're upfront and honest. They don't sugar coat anything and tell you how it is. The event they put on in DFW did not disappoint. They had investors just go up and give you tips and tricks of what works for them, with no sales pitches. If you needed to network and find some vendors cause yours have been straggling or just expand your network, you could go out into the lobby/room next to the theatre and just meet with people. If you wanted a world of knowledge, just sit in the theatre with a note pad and LISTEN. Everything you could ever want in a REI networking event was there. I wish I could point out something they could improve on but I couldn't think of anything. June 12th is the next one so if you can't make it, change your current plans in order to make it.

    thumb Andres Aviles

    5 star review  These guys are changing the way Investors think about real estate. Great event!

    thumb Ron Carlson
  • 5 star review  So far Propelio has been great. As an independent investor. I don't have the same access as Realtors to the MLS. This is an effective tool to help level the playing field when I need accurate comps. Plus the Propelio team is great to work with!!!!

    thumb Jason Witherspoon

    5 star review  We attended the free event held by propelio is grapevine and it exceeded expectations! Not only did we get to hear from awesome people but met lots of connections as well!

    thumb Reilly Fite

    5 star review  Best real estate meet up around. Real people who share real information. Thank you Propelio for hosting this great event.

    thumb Chris Strong
  • 5 star review  Propelio is an astounding product which has truly transformed my life. The free content of the live shows is worth big $$$. The lists are far more accurate than that of others and is delivered on time, every time. The comp tool is outstanding for those that are not licensed and need actual MLS data for comps. Who can beat that price?!?!?!

    thumb Brandon Richards

    5 star review  Holy duckba!!z this was hands down the best re networking event in dfw i’ve been to. Serously though - propelio put on another incredibly professional, interesting, content filled event. Whether you’ve been in real eatate 6 months or 20 years youll learn something. I hate being sold (ironic as a sales guy right) and you won't find that here. The venders and contributors are approachable, intereting and genuinially interested in having a conversation. If youre new and you've ever thought about getting into investment in real estate - go and learn. If you've been in the market for decades - go anyway. You'll have a great time either way. And if you dont meet someone interesting or learn something new you weren't paying attention. Heck, i brought 3 people... thats a first for me. Ive never recommended a networking event to friends before. But this one put on by propelio is absoluteley a must attend.

    thumb TJ Kosen

    5 star review  We found Propelio offered a very useful tool for our business. Also, the contact reminders that they provided really helped us stay on track with some of our deals. The Propelio team listened to us and helped us learn the best way to use their tools to meet our needs. They have a very professional and attentive team all around. Thanks!

    thumb Mary E. Wilson-Jones
  • 5 star review  These guys have the right idea! There’s truly no sales at the meet up. But there’s tons of networking and informative speakers that make it totally worth your time. Well done, Propelio!!

    thumb Lara Johnson Kimbrell

    5 star review  Incredible company! They are there to help you and will give you the best service! If you are a real estate investor you need the tools they provide to make your business run easier and more effective! Don't miss out and try them out now!

    thumb Theron Smith

    5 star review  As I strive through my 3 a.m. Saturday morning marketing, I absolutely Love being able to play a Propelio video in the background and surround myself with like minded individuals from the comfort of my phone, car, or office- that's just a bonus to the Comps they provide which is the best known to Man!!!

    thumb Tim Ramjattan
  • 5 star review  Best REI meetup I have attended in the 15 years I have been in the real estate industry. Phenomenal people, amazing product and outstanding results and synergy. Thank you to the entire Propelio team!

    thumb Elizabeth Navarrete

    5 star review  This was one of the best real estate meet ups that I've ever been to! I don't go to many real estate networking events anymore, but I plan on going to this one every time it comes around!

    thumb Jason McDougall

    5 star review  Great event with quality content. Looking forward to attending more events in the future!

    thumb James Daniel Snow
  • 5 star review  This company really is a cut above the rest. A well thought out tool and an awesome business model. It's so cool to come across a group of people and a company that truly strive to do things the right way. I love the innovation, excited to see what comes next with Propelio!

    thumb John Marsh

    5 star review  1st time atrend but absolutely enjoy it . no sales push but useful information . ��

    thumb Mei Flower

    5 star review  Every real estate investor should try propelio!

    thumb Mitzi Dyane
  • 5 star review  Such a great group of people! It was such a good and informative Meetup! Highly recommend!

    thumb Ashley Hernandez

    5 star review  I started using Propelio because I didnt want to bother my agent 5 times a day to run comps. I now use Propelio every day to check my potential deals as well as to find new leads. The interface is great and checking comps can be done in seconds!

    thumb Jim Welch

    5 star review  Absolutely the best real estate event I've ever attended. The food and the open bar was a nice perk but the people, the vendors and the presenters is what really made it great. Thank you to Propelio and everyone that had a hand in putting the event together and making it happen. Looking forward to the future events.

    thumb Jeff Steele
  • 5 star review  Propelio gives me everything I need to determine value in an ever changing market, it is fast (faster even than the actual MLS), it is easy to use to narrow down my list of comparable sales, and it keeps a list of my properties in the built-in CRM. I have made a few requests to the support team for upgrades and they were answered and/or completed quickly!

    thumb Jon Soucy

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