Content Marketing for Real Estate Investors | Josh Culler – Casey & Ryan
Content Marketing for Real Estate Investors | Josh Culler – Casey & Ryan
Content Marketing for Real Estate Investors | Josh Culler – Casey & Ryan

Josh Culler explains the differences between advertising and content marketing and how combining both can capture the most attentive audience at the right time. Covering everything from the type of content, the timeline of returns to the importance of knowing the media output format, Josh outlines everything investors must know to succeed in this highly competitive market.

1. Understanding content and why it’s important
2. What’s the difference between content marketing and advertising
3. How can I use content to gain awareness for my business
4. Where should I start with content (or how to get started)
5. How Real estate investors can utilize content to become an expert in their business

The First 25: Things Not Taught In School That Every Young Person Needs to Know:

Advertising is putting out dollars to hopefully reach the audience. Advertising is marketing is a directed campaign designed to target a specific audience. This can be accomplished through billboards, ads, radio ads, etc. The goal is for immediate response and is typically short term in endurance. This is for more transactional audiences. Content marketing is putting out valuable content to have the audience find you. Directed to reach a specific audience (Avatar). This is accomplished through videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Podcasts, writing a book. The goal is for long-term business by building trust through valuable content output and is typically a long-term endurance. This is for the long-term referral type audience. Advertising: Sending postcards that say, “I’ll buy your house.” Content Marketing: Publishing a book about “What is the next step when you lose your house?” Advertising is a sprint and content marketing is a marathon. Similarly, a sprint is a short burst quickly and the win comes quickly. Whereas a marathon is strategic, slow, paced and the win is delayed. Each strategy has a different approach and payoff. Be consistent in the quality and timing of your content. Around 80% of podcasts end within 6 months of starting. That can be like doing mail-outs and ending if the first campaign is unsuccessful. You must be consistent and patient. Your audience will expect the consistent output and grow familiar with you. Successful content marketing must provide valuable content. Your output platform impacts how the content should be recorded. When doing a video on Facebook shoot in vertical because it fills the screen. Most people look at Facebook on their phones. Filming in landscape cuts the picture off. On YouTube, film in landscape as most YouTube viewer use the computer for consumption. Instagram is meant for micro pieces, do square, not landscape shots.

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