Training | Brad Stribling
Fridays at 3pm Central
Training | Brad Stribling
Training | Brad Stribling

? Propelio tv Friday at 3:00 (Texas time – the only time that matters) – featuring TJ Kosen and Brad Stribling Topic: ➡️Training!‼️‼️ We all talk about mentors, friends, investors, rich homies and drinking buddies – like they’re some mystical revered creatures. ? ? They are‼️?? – but in a business full of chest thumping ego driven self-promoters – being genuine is a yuge asset‼️ ??Sometimes you find those people in the most unlikely places. 3.5 years ago, Brad called me from a Fb referral to put on a roof. I called him back at 11pm, while walking through a cold field in Oxford (yes that Oxford ???????) while on vacation with Sara Renee and the family and negotiated two installs for him. ?➡️➡️?We did the first install the day after I had just flown back from London (yes that ?? London ??) – only 8 hours prior. (Talk about nailing your #2508 #hustle boys and girls.) ??Turns out – he’s an OG #richhomie. So naturally, we’ve been friends ever since. ?? Not because I own a mediocre construction company or because he owns more real estate than most chest thumping FB keyboard warriors wish they had the opportunity to walk through‼️ Truth be told, we’ve never done a real estate deal together. We hang out because: ➡️ we both like scotch‼️ ➡️ we both have some interesting tenant stories (dead bodies and funny smells galore) But mostly because the company is good, the insight is entertaining and the conversation is genuine. This business isn’t about posting 5 motivational memes a day (maybe a 90 days of #GainZ once every few days…) The business isn’t about imposing superficial goals on ourselves for an inflated sense of self worth or accomplishment. ➡️It’s about the people and relationships we make along the way ??? ??Closing isn’t about the number of doors you knock – it’s about the way you build relationships?? Tune in Friday to #gainZ some insight from someone whose forgotten more about sales and education than most of us will ever know – and grab a few tips from someone who picked up real estate as a part time hobby in retirement and has built a business most gurus would envy‼️

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