The Rewind | Recapping the Weekly Nuggets of April 22nd – 26th
The Rewind | Recapping the Weekly Nuggets of April 22nd – 26th
The Rewind | Recapping the Weekly Nuggets of April 22nd – 26th

Mondays with Daniel: 
Daniel outlines how to close more deals by identifying and overcoming the 3 most common seller objections. Creating a detailed customer avatar and offering solutions are critical steps to conquering the seller’s indecision, desire for more money and delay tactics. Watch and subscribe for more information.

Quest Talks: 
Nathan and Rebecca detail the proven methods to getting a private lender, keeping them happy and getting more money on your next deal. Protecting the lender’s interest, communicating often, doing and exit interview are fundamental to finding a private lender for life. Discover the tips to getting more money and more lenders through family investors.

Casey & Ryan:
International guest and founding member of the Zuckerberg Institute, Elizabeth Gould reveals how your childhood imagination, the behavior of successful people and experiencing fear are key to personal reinvention. From remembering your favorite superhero to managing your behavior over the next 60 seconds, Elizabeth details how you to become your ideal self.

Learning Commercial Real Estate:
Discover the secrets to success in commercial real estate as Pam reveals to Shelby the importance of optimizing your social media platform, understand the key commercial metrics and visiting the Economic Development Director. Do you know which side of the street Starbucks prefers, why McDonald’s is better than Dollar General or how to get paid 6 ways on one deal? Learn alongside Shelby as she goes from novice to commercial real estate developer.

Grant Teach Me Something:
Grant reveals how close more deals by generating leads, taking action and annoying your audience. By using the same targeted, effective and persistent marketing that makes Coca-Cola the most common soft drink, Grant explains how investors can close more deals. If the seller doesn’t know you exist, they will not sell you their house.

Commercial Cash Flow Show: 
Jorge Abreu details the steps of multifamily construction everything from market research, critical contractor requirements to the 5 most common due-diligence mistakes. Increase revenue by converting the office to a rent producing unit, have a pre-close construction meeting, use the leasing office as a model unit and have a turn-key business plan before you close are just of few of the secrets to starting a multifamily construction project.

Real Estate Business Mastery Show: 
Brayand Ponciano details how you can achieve financial freedom create passive income by adopting the abundance mindset. As the child of Guatemalan immigrants, Brayand understands the scarcity mindset and it’s paralyzing effects. He explores why adopting an abundance mindset, and surrounding yourself with like-minded people are crucial to success as an entrepreneur.

Going Vertical:
Chris and Yesenia detail how to get a new construction loan, the importance of knowing your cushion and having a detailed draw schedule. Stressing the importance of understanding the lender’s draw request process, they reveal that private money lenders and local banks are often more flexible than large national banks for new construction projects.

Donovan Ruffin: 
Donovan details how to close more sales through proven strategies that he employs throughout his organization. From making people laugh, using sniper bullets and countdown clocks to keeping up with the Joneses, he reveals the unique tactics that are guaranteed to increase sales.

Mr. Texas Real Estate Show: 
Jason and Kaylee explain the importance of making correct assumptions when evaluating investment properties. From knowing the economic occupancy, understanding the impact of concessions to calculating accurate expense growth, they detail the key factors all investors must know.

REI Divas:

Pain & Gainz: 

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