2019 Housing Market | Leading and Lagging Indicators Casey, Ryan and Tyler explain how long-term success in real estate investing requires knowing the leading market indicators and combing that data to maximize your profit over any time horizon. Discussing the top three housing market indicators (new house permits, new house starts, new house sales) as well as many others, they illustrate the importance of stacking the data to plan for all market conditions. https://youtu.be/CWx8cF9TyuQ

How to Start a Real Estate Business | Step by Step | Most Common Mistakes Expert CPA Valerie Fratiani outlines everything a real estate business owner must know; from choosing the right CPA, picking the right business structure, maximizing tax deductions to the importance of cost segregation studies. As Shelby absorbs this information, Pam reiterates that your business is only as good as the team supporting it. https://youtu.be/83k_hs5V8T8

DISC Test Explanation and Implementation | Real Estate Power Hour Darel & Steven explain the DISC test, what it says about you, your team and how to use it to sell to any personality type. From understanding your own personality, knowing the team that complements your weaknesses to selling to your exact opposite, they cover every aspect of this incredible evaluation tool. https://youtu.be/4mn6o_OMFGc

3 Steps To: Getting Your First Real Estate Deal | The Beginner’s Guide Grant explains how preparation, persistence and partnership are crucial steps to securing your first real estate deal. Discussing your goals can diminish the likelihood of accomplishing and your response to failure are just a few of the insights Grant reveals. https://youtu.be/A3hoiy6UL-4

From Banker to Billions | How to Make Millions in Multifamily Real Estate As he watched his clients accumulate massive wealth through multifamily investing, Michael Becker used the knowledge he gained from his experience in banking to acquire over 7,000 units and billions in multifamily assets. He details his journey revealing that his turning point came as he was underwriting a large multifamily loan for a bus driver. https://youtu.be/SxiSH4jWg1Y

How to Raise Fund Like A Pro | Zuckerberg Institute Recap | Perfect Pitch Deck While sharing her experience at the Zuckerberg Institute, Debbie reveals the key components that every pitch deck must contain in order to raise funds like the pros. From defining your market, product and founders to focusing on the minimum viable product, she outlines what every entrepreneur should know. https://youtu.be/wcthaxBFY7E

Going from Single to Multi-Family Investing | Nashville Investment Opportunities Craig Jackson reveals the prime real estate investment opportunities in Nashville, TN by sharing his own journey from single family to multi-family investor. From dropping out of school at 16, working in construction to becoming a successful multi-family investor, Craig explains how he learned the importance of always expanding your network, getting and vetting a good mentor and knowing your niche. https://youtu.be/nD3_ru9ciZ4

Make Huge Profits with Non Performing Notes | Note Investing 101 Kristin and Jer’Leigh explain everything you need to know to make huge profits by investing in non-performing real estate notes. From the best note sources, the buying process to the most profitable exit strategies, they reveal what every investor should be doing. https://youtu.be/R6aqvygCfwE

Managing Money W/ Rob Welsh https://youtu.be/6sfgmD04tTs

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