It’s been a few since our last blog post and if you’ve been to our site you’ve noticed some changes. There’s so much going on so we are going to highlight the big ones in this post and then drill down into each in later posts. Before all of that we would like to give a shout out to all the folks who have attended our Real Estate Investor Meetups in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth. These are amazing events but they weren’t possible without everyone who came.

  1. We have Launched our beta of Websites, if you are a current Pro member you can get your website (included in your monthly already), just click on the support button on our website and ask.
  2. Propelio is now going PODCAST! We have started our new podcasting and you can access it here:
  3. It’s not new, but you really should check out our Live and Recorded Facebook Live sessions. More information here, at no charge, than most sell for $1000. Plus like our page and join a community of great investors and mentors.
  4. REAL ESTATE INVESTOR MEETUPS!!!!! These things rock! Plain and simple, if you are in the area and not signed up you are missing out on the largest event of it’s type. You Get NETWORKING, You Get TRAINING, You Get GREAT SPONSORS, You get NO BS HARD SELL. Also, if that’s not enough, FREE FOOD And OPEN BAR. Go to our Facebook events page to learn more:

Our new website can be found at the same, we offer free 1 week trial and if you take the demo you get 50% off your first month if you choose to continue after the trial.

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