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We do not charge for Propelio Academy. The Academy is primarily funded by, a software built for Real Estate Investors to get leads, run comps and manage deals. By providing the training and education on Propelio Academy we are building up our customers on to continue to use our software successfully to drive our mutual financial success. Check out the software tools at

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Propelio Academy starts October 1st and will continue to grow as the community engages.

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A learning platform, expertly guided and continuously growing. Full courses, learning plans to match your goals and a technology backend to support you on your journey to success.
A community of Expert Trainers, Pro Investors and You if you choose to engage.
Sponsored by generous donations of time and money by and it’s partner trainers. To access you only have to agree to the code of conduct, no money needed.


Disrupt, Engage and Transform - Propelio Academy will forever change how Real Estate Investors become successful.

We will remove the cost barrier to learning ethical wealth building.
We will help create long term, sustainable income to anyone willing to learn the lessons, engage the community and put into practice the knowledge gained.
We will continue building a community of Professional Investors, Topic Experts and Student Investors as equal contributors whose purpose to redefine not just the public perception of our profession but change the investing world one success at a time.


A series of teaser seminars/classes designed to upsell you into the “good stuff” then upsell you again and again...
A bait and switch, giving you limited access or time then crushing you with fees for required services.
A “guru” selling the $997 success package that leaves you broke without a success plan.

This is just the beginning, we are adding new features, training courses and tools

Here’s what you can expect from Propelio Academy
Guided Learning

Whether you are new to Real Estate Investing or Looking for an Edge in creative financing we have the knowledge ready and waiting.


We have built a platform that encourages interaction from you, Propelio Academy and your peers in a sitewide forum. You can ask specifics on a video or broad questions for content that you would like to see. All in one place, built for the community.


We are building in Quizzes, Achievements, Certificates and incentives to progress along not just gaining knowledge but applying it in the real world.


This ever growing section of Propelio Academy will have valuable resources for you as an investor. We will be adding a review board to review services, a catalog of web links and we invite you to suggest anything that you have found helpful.

Propelio Academy is only possible because of the hard work, time and money provided by: is a full service suite of tools for Real Estate Investors. Comps, Deal Alerts, Lead Lists and CRM make invaluable for Investors. Check them out at, take a 1 week, No Credit Card Needed Trial and make sure to participate in a live demo.

Our Trainers

These trainers have donated thousands of hours of their time and expertise to bring you the best that they have. These incredible people are successful in their field and want to help others. We ask that when you like what they taught you, give them some love on social media, a note to them directly and please send in your success stories.

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