The Future of Real Estate Investing Education is not in the classroom. It’s online, It’s high quality, and It’s delivered to you at no cost.

We do not charge for the Propelio Academy

We could easily sell this education. No doubt we could make millions selling it. But, is donating the Academy to the world. We are taking the gamble that each and everyone one of you that participate will help grow. As a software company we provide a suite of tools trusted by some of the best in the industry. Software tools designed to help you source, manage, and analyze your deals. Please don’t forget to check us out at, schedule a live demo and try it for free with no credit card needed

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Disrupt, Engage and Transform - Propelio Academy will forever change how Real Estate Investors become successful.

We will remove the cost barrier to learning ethical wealth building.
We will help create long term, sustainable income to anyone willing to learn the lessons, engage the community and put into practice the knowledge gained.
We will continue building a community of Professional Investors, Topic Experts and Student Investors as equal contributors whose purpose to redefine not just the public perception of our profession but change the investing world one success at a time.

A learning platform, expertly guided and continuously growing. Full courses, learning plans to match your goals and a technology backend to support you on your journey to success.
A community of Expert Trainers, Pro Investors and You if you choose to engage.
Sponsored by generous donations of time and money by and it’s partner trainers. To access you only have to agree to the code of conduct, no money needed.

A series of teaser seminars/classes designed to upsell you into the “good stuff” then upsell you again and again...
A bait and switch, giving you limited access or time then crushing you with fees for required services.
A “guru” selling the $997 success package that leaves you broke without a success plan.

This is just the Beta Version of the Propelio Academy. We are adding new courses, learning guides, student reward program, exclusive shop to redeem learning credits and so much more.

We are pushing out new, fresh content weekly and you can see the schedule below of what’s been released and what’s coming.
Education Courses

At Launch we have over 50 High Quality, Training Lessons and will be adding more lessons at least twice per month. See our release schedule below for Newly Released, Upcoming Releases and On the Horizon. When you sign up for the Academy you will also get weekly updates.


We have full forum integration into each lesson available at the Academy, this forum is built specifically for you to interact with other students, educators and Propelio Academy. When you are in a lesson and have a question make sure to reach out and ask, there’s a community ready to help.

Recently Released

Pre-Foreclosures - Instructor Daniel Moore
Negotiations - Instructor Grant Kemp
Subject-To and Wraps - Instructor Grant Kemp
Hard Money Loans - Instructor Chris Jameson
Skip Tracing - Instructor Larry Higgins

Also on Beta Launch is the Forum Feature that allows you to interact with the community and ask questions within each training module.

Upcoming Releases/Features

Short Sales - Instructor Melody Medley
The Escrow Process
Digital Marketing
Tax Strategies
Bandit Signs
Inspection Report
Finding Private Lenders
Building Bank Relationships
Fix and Flip
RV Parks

Coming Soon: Student Dashboard - Resource Page - Mentor Referral Page - Deal Exchange Board

Not Too Distant Future

Student Rewards Program; a program that rewards students with in Academy recognition, prizes and redeemable credits for one of a kind items in our swag shop.

Propelio Academy is only possible because of the hard work, time and money provided by: is a full service suite of tools for Real Estate Investors. Comps, Deal Alerts, Lead Lists and CRM make invaluable for Investors. Check them out at, take a 1 week, No Credit Card Needed Trial and make sure to participate in a live demo.

Our Trainers

These trainers have donated thousands of hours of their time and expertise to bring you the best that they have. These incredible people are successful in their field and want to help others. We ask that when you like what they taught you, give them some love on social media, a note to them directly and please send in your success stories.