Software Features


Software Features

Property Data

Research properties and their owners, compile lists, and more.

MLS Comps

A multiple-listing service comparable tool.


List your properties with Propelio Realty for incredible savings.

Short Sales

If you have an underwater property, our experts can help.

For Education


Interesting and valuable articles from Propelio and the industry.


Real Estate education platform led by a team of professionals.

Propelio TV

A channel that gives daily updated archive of our live video.

Discover Propelio

About Us

Get to know Propelio better – explore our story and mission.

Map Coverage and Brokers

Shows MLS coverage and broker transactions in your state.

Referral Program

Share Propelio with friends and family to earn exciting rewards

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Propelio Academy: Your Path to Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

Take action

Discover essential, actionable strategies for immediate success in buying properties profitably.

Meet the Instructors

These masters of their crafts will be your virtual instructors. They’ll share the insights & wisdom they’ve gained from years of real world experience.

You have found the world’s largest FREE real estate investing academy

Choose from dozens of carefully curated courses from some of the most well-respected investors in the real estate industry.

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Here is what you should expect from the courses in the Propelio Academy

Follow in the foot steps of many successful investors that got their start right here!


The instructors in the Academy have acquired extensive experience and share generously.


The lessons in the Academy have created many successful investors, even those starting with Zero.


These courses are not fluff -filled sales pitches; they are actionable steps to succeed in your journey.


The results have been proven repeatedly. New users explore, take action, and find a new life.

Propelio Presents the Three Steps:

These 3 simple steps provide you a powerful advantage so that you can begin acquiring more properties quickly!

Claim Your Scholarship

Unlock our extensive real estate investing education library. Learn from seasoned experts, watch videos, take notes, and start your path to success.

Start Buying More Properties

The thrill of seeing what you've learned succeed is unbeatable. Remember, the more you use these strategies, the more success you'll enjoy.

Earn a Spot in the Hall of Fame

Once you've bought more properties, let us know to earn a spot in the Hall of Fame. Showcase your achievements and inspire others in the community!

Ready to buy more properties?

One click. One action. One giant leap forward in your real estate investing career.