MLS Comps For Real Estate Investors

At Your Fingertips, Whenever You Need Them, Directly From our Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Investors Rely On Accurate, Unbiased and Fast Comps To Stay Ahead Of Their Competitors

With Propelio You Get:

Online Anytime Real Estate Comparables That Include:

  • Integrated Street and Satellite View Maps
  • Tax Information Including Sq Ft and Year Built
  • Property Owner’s Name and Mailing Address
  • Last Recorded Deed Information
  • Number Of Days On Market
  • Pictures
  • Pending Sales and Sold Listings
  • Unbiased Through a Local Real Estate Agency
  • Access 24/7 With MLS Updated Every 15 Minutes
  • Integrated Rental Information For Lease Comps

MLS Comps For Real Estate Investors

Propelio Realty built the MLS Comp Tool to save you significant time and effort when pricing out a potential property. You no longer have to wait on a Real Estate Agent to get your comps. Using Propelio, you have an agent online, anytime.

To see this in action, schedule a Live Demo to experience what Investing is like with Propelio.

I challenged Propelio recently with my Real Estate Agent and I was able to find faster information about properties… Luis Pinzon

Investor, Palmier Properties

Comparable Sales Reports Generated

You have an exceptional product for folks (like me) that do not have access to MLS… Very intuitive to navigate. Lee Chastain

House Buyer, Super Buyers

We have something for everyone, explore Propelio and find what works for you.

REI Websites

Create Lead Generating Websites in Just Minutes Without Tech Experience

Lead Lists

Browse our massive dataset of Sellers, Cash buyers and Private Lenders

MLS Comps

Get Comparables from our agents instantly, Whenever You Need Them.

Simple Lead Management

Save and track your leads through the whole process.

Driving for Dollars

Track drives, captures leads, skiptrace and call, send photo postcards

Investor Guidance

No Charge - Academy, Blog, Propelio TV, Email Subscribe and Forums

"Every real estate investor should try propelio! I love how user-friendly propelio is. Use it for your CRM, leads database, CMA's, and keeping up with your day to day tasks. Not only that but the people are amazing! If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out."

thumb_01_90_90   Mitzi Dyane

"Best service for running comps! Easier than Tempo and Matrix. I wish I would of known about this service months ago. Propelio saves me hours of time. Literally the best!"

thumb_01_90_90   Henry War

"I started using Propelio because I didnt want to bother my agent 5 times a day to run comps. I now use Propelio every day to check my potential deals as well as to find new leads. The interface is great and checking comps can be done in seconds!"

thumb_01_90_90   Jim Welch

"Propelio is an astounding product which has truly transformed my life. The free content of the live shows is worth big $$$. The lists are far more accurate than that of others and is delivered on time, every time. The comp tool is outstanding for those that are not licensed and need actual MLS data for comps. Who can beat that price?!?!?!"

thumb_01_90_90   Brandon Richards

"We found Propelio offered a very useful tool for our business. Also, the contact reminders that they provided really helped us stay on track with some of our deals. The Propelio team listened to us and helped us learn the best way to use their tools to meet our needs. They have a very professional and attentive team all around. Thanks!"

thumb_01_90_90   Mary E. Wilson-Jones

"These individuals put the Real into Real estate, by keeping it straight, to the point, transparent with the information your looking for."

thumb_01_90_90   Demarcus Ingram

"The education is unparalleled and invaluable. I like the value of the guided, but unscripted live videos as there is a lot of info in the conversations that would lost in edit. Great jobs guys!"

thumb_01_90_90   Mike Middleton Jr.

"As an independent investor, I don't have the same access as Realtors to the MLS. This is an effective tool to help level the playing field when I need accurate comps. Plus the Propelio team is great to work with!"

thumb_01_90_90   Jason Witherspoon

"Absolute best product on the market! Awesome group of people to know and work with!"

thumb_01_90_90   Corey Thompson

"I believe this tool is the #1 resource that is needed for any investor working with multiple deals to communicate better with the team and to keep all the info in one place and handy. Best thing about it - it's brought by active and successful RE investor that knows exactly what makes your business run smoother in today's reality."

thumb_01_90_90   Olga Fomenko

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