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Software Features

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Interesting and valuable articles from Propelio and the industry.


Real Estate education platform led by a team of professionals.

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A channel that gives daily updated archive of our live video.

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Wholesaling with a pimp?

Crack Heads, Prostitutes, Pimps, Oh My… This was a fun one. You absolutely never know what you are gonna get when you walk into a house for the first time. Sometimes the house is clean, and other times theres a dead body (check out the Connor Steinbrook interview). With Jason’s house, he had crack heads, […]

Get on the roof – The Inner Circle with Randy Quay

  “My goal is not only to get the deal sold, but sell it to somebody who actually has a chance at making money.” Randy Quay is the man for co-wholesales in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Sellers have brought properties to Quay that seem impossible to be sold; Randy Quay has sold them for more […]

18 Months. 20 Properties -The Inner Circle with Tiger Butler

Propelio’s series of interviews with some of the most successful, young entrepreneurs in the industry gives new Real Estate investors the chance to get a “behind the scenes” glimpse at what it takes to transition from regular 9-5 worker to full-time entrepreneur in Real Estate Investing.   In this episode, Propelio’s Daniel Moore talks to […]

Real Estate Tax Attorney – The Inner Circle with John Hyre

Daniel Moore speaks to Real Estate tax attorney John Hyre and what he can do for Real Estate investors as an accountant and an attorney, operating as   Real Estate Tax Attorney John Hyre begins started out  working in corporate jobs for the first seven years when he came out of law school and […]

Wholesaling with a Dead Body – Connor Steinbrook

Connor Steinbrook from #InvestorArmy was in the #PropelioStudios talking to Daniel Moore, about his experience in wholesaling a house with a dead body buried in the back yard. Who is Connor Steinbrook? Connor is a full-time real estate investor in Dallas/Fort Worth. He runs three companies in North Texas… ConnorBuysHouses, Metroplex Invest, and Investor Army; […]

Queen of Short Sales – The Inner Circle with Melody Medley

  In this episode our host, Daniel Moore, talks to Melody Medley from Oyezz Real Estate. Medley, one of the most successful young Real Estate entrepreneurs in the industry focuses on short sales. As Daniel Moore states, she is the   “short sale queen.”   Melody Medley has grown her short sale business at a […]

Florida MLS Comps in 2017’s Fast-Paced Market

Florida MLS Comps data for the first quarter of 2017 points to another good year for the Sunshine State’s real estate market. More new listings, higher median prices, more pending sales, and more closed sales all show that the market is continuing to boom. Examining recent Florida MLS comps just goes to show how quickly […]

Real Estate Comparables Define the After Repair Value- YOU Define Your Profit

Real estate investors rarely buy pristine houses. A house that doesn’t require any work has less value for an investor, as a state of disrepair can often mean added profit for the savvy investor who knows how to fix up a house. A good investor knows how much the repairs and renovations cost and knows […]

A Pre Foreclosure List – Three Things You Need to Know

The savings which can be made when purchasing property from a pre foreclosure list can be astronomical. With such large amounts of money involved in the transaction, even small saving can equate to thousands of dollars back in the real world. Purchasing a property off of a pre-foreclosure list gives you the chance to own […]

Propelio Case Study – Josh S.

This week I spoke with Josh S. who’s been using Propelio for five months. Josh has completed numerous deals, with the help of Propelio, and has kindly agreed to tell us more about how he’s used Propelio to help his real estate investing business. *** I’m a real estate investor and have been investing for […]