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Software Features

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Research properties and their owners, compile lists, and more.

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A multiple-listing service comparable tool.


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If you have an underwater property, our experts can help.

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Shows MLS coverage and broker transactions in your state.

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Real Estate Tax Attorney – The Inner Circle with John Hyre

Daniel Moore speaks to Real Estate tax attorney John Hyre and what he can do for Real Estate investors as an accountant and an attorney, operating as   Real Estate Tax Attorney John Hyre begins started out  working in corporate jobs for the first seven years when he came out of law school and […]

Queen of Short Sales – The Inner Circle with Melody Medley

  In this episode our host, Daniel Moore, talks to Melody Medley from Oyezz Real Estate. Medley, one of the most successful young Real Estate entrepreneurs in the industry focuses on short sales. As Daniel Moore states, she is the   “short sale queen.”   Melody Medley has grown her short sale business at a […]

Finding Private Money for Real Estate Investing

Funding is the first step in the process of real estate investing. Private money is one way to fund those investments with minimal risk.Long before looking at properties in which you may wish to invest, you should first get your financing in order so that when you do find that perfect fit, you can act […]

Real Estate Investing with Less than 5% Down

It is common knowledge that a 20% down payment is typical when purchasing real estate, but it’s only an expectation, not a requirement. There is a way to obtain an FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loan for investment with a down payment as low as 3.5%. This is your guide to understanding how to make your real […]

Accidentally made an extra $260,000 on one house – here’s how!

An extra $260K in potential profit? First off…… I can’t believe this happened! When I first contracted the  property I just figured this would be another typical purchase and resale, but it didn’t take long to realize it was going to be anything but normal. We got the call late in the afternoon, a friendly […]

Increase your retirement income – Banks don’t share this!

What do you mean without recourse? There is a little known loan option out there called Non-Recourse lending and it can greatly increase your retirement income. In fact a majority of people holding retirement accounts have never heard of this concept. For those who are not sure what this even means, it is defined by Investopedia […]