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How to Use YouTube for Your Real Estate Investing Career

Welcome to an Insider’s Guide on leveraging YouTube for your real estate investing career. Today, we dive deep into actionable insights on how to monetize your channel and build a robust online presence. Let’s get started with a success story that’s sure to inspire.

Background on Connor Steinbrueck

Connor Steinbrueck’s journey into real estate is both unique and motivational. Starting as an online poker player, Connor experienced both high earnings and sudden career challenges. The 2011 “Black Friday” event, which shut down poker sites, drove home essential business lessons for him: the importance of multiple income streams and passive income. He transitioned into real estate wholesaling, flipping houses, and building a rental portfolio. Today, Connor enjoys massive success with his growing team at eXp Realty, and he’s here to share his secrets.

Benefits of YouTube for Real Estate Investors

YouTube offers unmatched opportunities for real estate investors:

  • Build Credibility and Rapport: Create content showing your expertise and genuine personality.
  • Free Marketing Platform: YouTube’s algorithms promote engaging channels for increased viewer reach.
  • Lead Generation: Videos can drive traffic to your website and generate leads.
  • Passive/Residual Income: YouTube provides the channels to earn money through ad revenue, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

Getting Started on YouTube

Define Your Goals

Before diving in, identify what you want from your channel:

  • Lead Generation
  • Raising Capital
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Building a Personal Brand

Commit to Consistency

Consistency is king. A steady posting schedule helps build momentum. YouTube algorithms favor channels that post regularly. Decide on a posting frequency and stick to it. Avoid the start-stop cycle.

Choosing Topics and Optimizing Content

Study Competitors

Look at your competitors’ most viewed videos. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner and TubeBuddy to find popular titles and keywords. Focus on long-tail, low-competition keywords to carve your niche.

Create Engaging Thumbnails and Titles

  • Thumbnails: Use bright borders, bold text, and compelling images.
  • Titles: Front-load important keywords. Align with trending topics but offer unique content.

Importance of Being Genuine and Authentic

Don’t overthink production value. Realness resonates more:

  • Show Mistakes: People connect to authenticity.
  • Natural Delivery: Speak freely, even if it means a few stumbles.
  • Unique Value: Provide content they can’t get elsewhere. This builds trust and keeps viewers coming back.

Monetization Strategies for YouTube

Affiliate Marketing and Product Promotions

Promote products or services through affiliate links. This can bring in steady income without upfront costs.

Raising Capital and Partnerships

You can leverage your channel to find investors or partners for your real estate deals.

Generating Leads

Create videos optimized for location-specific keywords, and drive that traffic to your website. Use analytics to track conversions.

Building Personal Brand for Consulting

Position yourself as an expert. This can lead to speaking engagements, paid sponsorships, and consulting opportunities.

YouTube Ad Revenue

Enable ads on your videos to earn a share of YouTube’s ad revenue. As your views increase, so will this source of income.

Selling Courses, Coaching Programs, and Memberships

Offer your own resources to your audience. Whether it’s courses, personal coaching, or membership programs, diversify your income streams.

Using YouTube for Lead Generation

Location/Keyword Optimization

  • Create videos with targeted keywords relevant to your market.
  • Link back to specific landing pages on your site.

Track Video Sources

Use analytics and pixel trackers to follow where your traffic is coming from. Adjust content strategies based on performance data.

Leveraging Repetition and Consistency

Brand Recognition

Regular posting reinforces your brand. Viewers will start to recognize and trust you.

Psychological Principles

Humans are creatures of habit. Regular exposure leads to familiarity, and familiarity leads to trust. YouTube algorithms favor consistent channels, so keep posting!

Personal vs Business YouTube Channels

This decision depends on your goals:

  • Personal Channel: Great if you are the face of your business.
  • Business Channel: Better if you want to keep things separate. However, few personalities can anchor a business channel without feeling detached.

Setting Realistic Expectations for Growth

Expect a slow build. Meaningful growth usually takes years. Adopt a mindset of delayed gratification. Don’t get disheartened if results don’t come immediately. Consistent effort will pay off.

Promoting Your YouTube Channel

Use other platforms to share your videos. Collaboration with other creators in your niche can also boost your visibility. Leverage your existing networks and connections.

Tracking YouTube Analytics

Monitor view counts and engagement metrics. Identify which types of content hit the mark and which don’t. Use data-driven decisions to create future videos.

Recommended Tools and Resources

  • Video Editing Software: Animoto is a great starting point for easy editing.
  • Thumbnail Creation Tools: Canva offers fantastic design options.
  • Analytics Platforms: TubeBuddy and Google Analytics for tracking performance.

Closing Thoughts

Starting and growing a YouTube channel as a real estate investor isn’t just a fun side project; it’s a critical business strategy with massive potential. From building credibility to generating leads and earning revenue, YouTube can be a game-changer for your business. Keep your goals clear, stay consistent, and always provide genuine value. The journey might be slow, but the rewards are worth it.

Are you ready to leverage YouTube for your real estate investing career? Dive in today, stay committed, and watch your business grow!

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