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From Adversity to Opportunity: A Real Talk About Success and Struggle

How’s everyone doing tonight? Thank you all for the love and support over the years. I appreciate it. Last night, I made a big announcement, and it led to many of you reaching out with concerns and questions. Let’s clarify what’s happening with Propelio.

Many of you may not know much about my past. I’ve been quiet for the last year, going through personal development. To understand where we’re heading, you need to know where we started and the challenges we’ve overcome.

The Reality of Equal Opportunity

We often hear that America is the land of opportunity. But is it really equal for everyone? I argue it’s not. Most Americans are one paycheck away from being broke. We grow up in homes just making ends meet and go through a school system that trains us to be obedient employees. This cycle keeps us “just over broke.”

A select few break out of this by becoming solopreneurs or entrepreneurs. But even then, many struggle, working long hours just to stay afloat. Why do nine out of ten businesses fail? It’s about mindset, breaking through ceilings, and consistent self-improvement.

The Harsh Truth of Broke As

On the other side of the success line, you have the “broke as” timeline. Growing up in government housing, with parents involved in drugs and crime, is not equal opportunity. Many kids in such environments turn to addiction as an escape from their harsh realities. This leads to a life of crime and often ends in prison or death before they ever get a chance to break the cycle.

Mindset and Breaking Barriers

The difference between success and failure often comes down to mindset. Kids born into business-oriented families have a different outlook than those born into survival mode. It’s about adopting the right mindset, breaking through ceilings, and moving beyond our current limits. When I started in real estate, my “why” was about money and status. But I soon realized that those things didn’t fill the void of my past struggles.

The Cost of Making a Difference

Creating opportunities comes at a significant cost. Propelio has been running at a loss for years because I am committed to providing value without charging for it. The Academy is free, but maintaining it isn’t. If you want this community to survive and thrive, I need your help.

My Personal Journey and the Propelio Mission

I grew up in a severely abusive household. Seeing friends get shot was normal for me. I’ve experienced close to nine breakthroughs to get to where I am. Despite my past, I’ve reached a level of success I once thought impossible. But success means nothing if you don’t give back. That’s why we created Propelio Academy.

Help Us Keep the Dream Alive

To keep Propelio going, I need your support. Spread the word about the Academy and the software that funds it. Join the affiliate program. Share our mission with others. We’re doing this not just for us, but for everyone who needs a real chance at success.


My journey and the mission of Propelio have always been about creating real opportunities for those who need them most. The road hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth every challenge to see lives transformed. Now, more than ever, we need your support to continue this mission. By spreading the word, joining our affiliate program, and sharing our vision, you can help us keep the dream alive. 

Together, we can break barriers, change mindsets, and provide a true chance at success for everyone. Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in what we’re building. Let’s move forward, stronger and united.

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