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From Classroom to Real Estate Success: An Inspiring Journey

Hey everyone! I’m Daniels Propelio, and today I have the pleasure of interviewing Rodrigo Hurtado. Rodrigo shares his unique journey from being a middle school teacher to a successful real estate coach and investor. Let’s dive into his story and find out how he made the transition and the insights he has gained along the way.

Rodrigo started his career as a middle school teacher. He loved teaching but found that his paycheck wasn’t enough to cover his monthly expenses. This financial struggle made Rodrigo look for other opportunities. The turning point came after attending a Tony Robbins event, which inspired him to take control of his future.

Making the Leap

Rodrigo didn’t just quit teaching outright. He spent months planning and learning, often attending real estate seminars and joining local real estate groups. One of his significant steps was becoming a platinum member of The Real Alliance, which provided local expertise invaluable to his growth in the real estate market. It took eight months before Rodrigo landed his first real estate deal, but he persisted, often working late nights and weekends to stay on track.

The First Deal

The first deal came from an elderly lady who responded to one of Rodrigo’s flyers. He managed to wholesale the property, making five months’ worth of his teaching salary in one go. This deal was not just financially rewarding but also gave him the confidence to move forward.

Learning and Growing

With each new deal, Rodrigo’s confidence and network grew. He faced challenges, such as flaky cash buyers and untrustworthy contractors, but each challenge taught him valuable lessons. For instance, he learned the importance of having solid, reliable partners and maintaining high standards.

Diversifying Strategies

Rodrigo’s approach to finding deals is versatile. He uses direct mail marketing, Craigslist, and even partners with wholesalers. By having multiple “fishing poles” in the water, he ensures a steady stream of opportunities.

Funding the Journey

Initially, Rodrigo used hard money loans, but he found a more sustainable path through a funding partner offering 78% ARV with no upfront payments. This allowed him to scale his business without the burden of heavy monthly payments.

Daily Routine

Rodrigo’s day-to-day involves managing other people’s time and keeping opportunities flowing. He believes in the power of referrals and maintains a network of partners and investors to keep his pipeline active.

The Importance of a Solid Team

Rodrigo stresses that a good contractor can make or break a project. He learned this the hard way with a contractor who turned a 10-day job into a five-week ordeal. High standards and reliable contractors are key to his success.

Keeping Balance

Despite his busy schedule, Rodrigo makes time for his family. He drops his kids off at school and goes on field trips, although weekends often include checking on projects.

Future Goals

Rodrigo’s immediate goal is to complete a house per week and maintain a pipeline of 8-10 properties. He is also shifting focus to his real estate coaching program, aiming to teach others how to create opportunities and succeed in the real estate market.


Rodrigo’s journey from a middle school teacher to a successful real estate investor and coach is a testament to his resilience and dedication. Despite financial struggles and initial challenges, his strategic planning, continuous learning, and unwavering persistence have paved the way for his success. By diversifying his strategies, building a reliable team, and maintaining a strong network, 

Rodrigo has created a thriving business while still prioritizing his family. As he continues to grow his real estate ventures and coaching program, Rodrigo’s story serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved with determination and the right mindset.

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