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How to Find Out What Someone Owes on Their House Without Even Asking

Ever find yourself at a property negotiation and wish you knew exactly how much the owner owed on their house? Knowing this can give you a significant edge in negotiations. Here’s a nifty trick to determine how much someone owes on their property without having to ask them directly.

Why Knowing Debt Matters

When negotiating property deals, knowing how much a seller owes can help you:

  • Make more accurate offers
  • Understand their financial situation
  • Plan your negotiations better

If you ask the seller directly, they might not always be willing to share. This method will help you figure it out on your own.

Getting Started

Step 1: Google Your County CAD

Search for your county’s Central Appraisal District (CAD). This site will show you the legal description of the property and the owner’s name. You can find a wealth of info by searching “[Your County] CAD.”

Step 2: Pay Property Taxes Online

Search for your county’s property tax payment site. For instance, you might Google “Pay Dallas County property taxes online.” This site often has more detailed info about the taxes and exemptions on the property.

Step 3: County Clerk Records

Next, visit the County Clerk’s website for public records. Look for a system called “ROME” or a similar records management tool. This system contains public filings like deeds and mortgage documents, which are crucial.

Digging Into the Details

Search for Public Records

  1. Use the legal description from the CAD to search the County Clerk���s website.
  2. Look for the deed of trust. This document will show the original loan amount and the date it was taken out.

Analyze the Deed of Trust

Check the deed of trust to see:

  • The original principal amount
  • The date of the loan

This data is key for further calculations.

Calculating the Current Debt

Step 4: Find the Average Interest Rate

Visit to find the average interest rate (APOR) for the week the loan originated. This gives you a ballpark figure to use for your calculations.

Step 5: Use a Financial Calculator

A financial calculator like the Tim Bii is essential. Here’s how to use it:

  • Input the original principal
  • Input the approximate interest rate (from APOR)
  • Input the loan term (usually 30 years)
  • Calculate the remaining balance based on the number of payments made

You’ll get the current loan balance, usually accurate within a few thousand dollars.

Practical Application

Armed with this info, you can:

  • Confidently determine how much the seller owes
  • Shape your offers more effectively
  • Discuss deals knowing more than your competition


Gaining insight into how much a seller owes on their property can significantly enhance your negotiating strategy. By following these steps—researching through your county’s CAD, exploring property tax sites, and delving into public records—you can gather the necessary information without directly asking the seller.

Calculating the current debt using financial tools and average interest rates allows you to make informed offers, understand the seller’s financial standing, and approach negotiations with confidence. This savvy approach ensures you’re better prepared and more knowledgeable than the competition, giving you an edge in property deals.

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