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Inside a Hoarder House: A Real Estate Investor’s Journey

Welcome back, everyone! Today, we’re diving into a fresh walkthrough of a property our team picked up not too long ago. This is the “hoarder house” located in South Arlington, Texas. If you’ve seen our previous video, you know what a task this place has been. So, let’s take a look at where we stand today.

First Impressions

When we first got our hands on this property, the smell inside was rated an 11 out of 10. Now, it’s about a 4. It’s the same pungent odor, just less intense. Imagine turning down the volume on a bad song – same tune, less irritation.

Initial Cleanup and Strategy

We initially talked about different exit strategies for this house. We’ve now decided to list it on the MLS. Our goal is to get it to a condition that makes it appealing for buyers but without pouring unnecessary funds into renovations.

Exterior Cleanup

The exterior needed a serious cleanup. We trimmed bushes and cleared out a ton of trash that was spilling out from the front door. We didn’t do any major demolition or roofing work – just enough to make it presentable.

Interior Work

Inside, it was a mess from floor to ceiling. The garage, in particular, was a nightmare. We’ve since hauled out a considerable amount of garbage and did some basic demo work. Our strategy is clear: We’re not hiding the house’s problems. We are making the issues visible so potential buyers know what they’re getting into.

The Living Room

The living room used to be piled high with trash. We’ve since cleared it out. The space feels more open now, even if it’s still rough around the edges. The goal here was to make it clean enough to give buyers a sense of the potential without masking the reality.

Kitchen and Bedrooms

The kitchen is completely stripped out. No cabinets, no appliances – just a blank slate. The bedrooms, interestingly enough, revealed a surprise: we found an additional bedroom not listed on the tax rolls.


Both bathrooms were disaster zones. The master bathroom was essentially an unusable pit. We stripped it down to the studs. The hall bathroom was similar, full of stuff that shouldn’t be in a bathroom. Again, everything was taken out down to the framework.

Future Plans if It Doesn’t Sell

If the house doesn’t sell as-is, we have a Plan B. We’ll start a more thorough renovation. This would include:

  • New Flooring: Likely a durable laminate or vinyl that looks great.
  • Cabinets and Countertops: Probably going with Dallas white granite for a clean, upscale look.
  • Fixture Updates: New lighting, sinks, and other fixtures to bring everything up to a modern standard.
  • Wall Repairs: Fixing the drywall and retexturing it for a fresh feel.
  • Plumbing Checks: Making sure all plumbing is up to par and addressing any potential issues.

Final Thoughts

Our journey with the hoarder house in South Arlington, Texas, has been challenging but rewarding. We’ve transformed a cluttered and odorous property into a more appealing prospect for potential buyers, making significant strides in both exterior and interior cleanups. While we’ve opted to list the property on the MLS as-is to give buyers a clear view of its potential, we’re prepared with a comprehensive renovation plan should it not sell. 

This project exemplifies our dedication to revitalizing neglected properties and turning them into viable homes. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to navigate this unique endeavor!

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