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You’re Not the Hero: A Negotiation Quick Tip

Hey everyone, this is Grant Kent from Today, let’s talk about a crucial aspect of negotiation: understanding your role. Spoiler alert: you are not the hero of the story.

The Protagonist of Their Own Story

Every person you negotiate with sees themselves as the hero when they wake up in the morning. They are the protagonist of their own story, and it’s your job to support their journey. Your goal is to help them reach their desired outcome.

Be the Yoda, Not the Luke Skywalker

Think of yourself as Yoda. When Luke Skywalker met Yoda, Yoda didn’t go on about his training and achievements. Instead, with calm confidence, Yoda helped Luke become the hero of his story. That’s your role.

You need to present confidence and assure them that you can solve their problems. But remember, you’re just a part of their story. Fit into their narrative in a way that helps them succeed.

Solving Problems Without Stealing the Spotlight

You’re a problem solver, but you’re not the star. Find the issues in their story and fix them. Help them navigate their challenges without overshadowing them.

Their success is your success. By being a reliable guide, you position yourself as a valuable part of their journey without taking center stage.


The key to successful negotiation lies in embracing your role as the guide rather than the hero. By understanding that each person you negotiate with sees themselves as the protagonist, you can better support their journey toward success. Adopt the mindset of Yoda, confidently providing solutions and guidance without overshadowing their story. 

Remember, your ability to solve problems and assist in their challenges will ultimately lead to a win-win outcome. Their success is your success, and by fitting seamlessly into their narrative, you solidify your value as a crucial part of their journey.

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