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A Guide to Propelio Lead Lists: How They Work and How to Use Them

Good morning, everyone! I’m Ron, and today, along with Daniel from Propelio, we’re bringing you some real estate investing gold. We’re diving into the core lead lists Propelio offers, breaking down how they work, and sharing the best marketing methods for approaching these leads. Plus, we’ll offer insights even if you’re not currently using Propelio. Let’s get started!

Propelio’s Unique Approach to Lead Lists

Propelio offers five primary types of lead lists to real estate investors. Unlike average list providers, we source properties through public records daily, ensuring our lists are fresh and reliable. Our efforts mean you get the most up-to-date data, often within 24 hours of recording.

Here are the five lead types Propelio provides:

  1. Pre-Foreclosure Lists:
    • Lis Pendens
    • Notice of Trustee Sales
    • Appointments of Substitute Trustee
  2. **Probate Leads
  3. **Affidavits of Heirship

We’ll discuss each type, their nuances, and the best ways to market to these leads.

Pre-Foreclosure Lists

Lis Pendens

Lis Pendens, Latin for “pending lawsuit,” is crucial in judicial foreclosure states. When a property enters pre-foreclosure, this document is filed, signalling a lawsuit against the homeowner for the house. Key points about Lis Pendens:

  • Works in states requiring judicial foreclosures.
  • Indicates a pending foreclosure lawsuit.
  • The process is longer, taking 9 months to 2 years, giving you more time to market.

Notice of Trustee Sale

This document is straightforward. It’s a public notice that a property will be sold at auction on a specific date. Here’s why it’s important:

  • Guarantees the foreclosure process is active.
  • Provides a clear sale date and details.
  • Ideal for targeting homeowners who need immediate solutions.

Appointments of Substitute Trustee

In non-judicial foreclosure states, the deed of trust names an original trustee. But banks often prefer their own attorneys for foreclosure, necessitating the appointment of a substitute trustee. Here’s why this list is valuable:

  • Indicates the beginning of a foreclosure process.
  • Unique to non-judicial states.
  • Valuable because fewer investors understand or target this list.

Probate Leads

Probate leads arise when property owners pass away, and the property is transferred to heirs or through court-ordered processes. Key elements:

  • Provides details on real estate owned by the deceased.
  • Empowers you to offer quick liquidation solutions to heirs, often alleviating financial burdens.

Marketing to Probate Leads

  • Keep your communication short and professional.
  • Avoid overly sympathetic tones—they can come off as insincere.
  • Highlight your ability to quickly liquidate real estate with minimal hassle.

Affidavits of Heirship

These are used when a property owner dies without a will, and heirs need to transfer the property title. Notable points:

  • Involves transferring property ownership to heirs.
  • Often chosen for its speed and lower cost compared to probate.
  • Market directly to heirs listed in the affidavit.

Additional Lead Lists

Equity Lists

Equity lists target properties with significant equity, often owned for many years. These leads are:

  • Widely available through county tax records.
  • Ideal for direct mail or cold calling campaigns, but highly competitive.

Tax Delinquency Lists

These lists feature properties with overdue taxes. Critical points:

  • Indicates financial distress, creating motivated sellers.
  • Requires persistence and due diligence.


Understanding and effectively using Propelio’s lead lists can give you a strong edge in real estate investing. Each list type has its nuances and ideal marketing strategies. By targeting fresh and reliable leads, you can find motivated sellers and close more deals.

Remember to check out Propelio and take advantage of our seven-day free trial. Propelio offers lead lists, MLS comps, and more, helping you succeed in the real estate market.

Got questions or ideas for future topics? Drop them in the comments or reach out. We’re here to help you maximize your real estate investment potential. Happy investing!

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