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How to Use Time, Money, and Knowledge to Raise Private Capital and Close More Real Estate Deals

Getting into real estate can be daunting, especially when trying to secure private capital. Many investors wonder how others manage to raise funds so effectively. The secret lies in understanding the interplay of time, money, and knowledge. Here’s how you can leverage all three to succeed.

Time, Knowledge, and Money: The Trio You Need


If you’re new to real estate, you probably have plenty of time but lack money and experience. Many people spend this time working jobs that merely pay the bills. Instead, consider using your time to gain knowledge. This doesn’t mean going back to college. Real estate knowledge is different from academic knowledge. Universities often prepare students to become employees, not entrepreneurs.


Invest your time in learning proven systems that create wealth. Real estate has been a wealth generator for generations. Your goal should be to understand deals inside and out. Learn to evaluate properties, structure deals, and understand market trends. You can gain this knowledge through resources like YouTube, Propelio Academy, and mentors.


Don’t worry too much about money at the beginning. If you have a good deal, money will follow. Investors are constantly looking for profitable opportunities. If you can show that you have a solid deal, securing funds will be easier.

Applying the Knowledge

Exchange Time for Knowledge

Instead of working just for money, work for knowledge, especially if you’re aiming for real estate. Seek jobs or internships that teach you about the industry. This might mean earning less initially, but the long-term payoffs are enormous.

Use Knowledge to Gain Money

Knowledge alone isn’t power; applied knowledge is. Once you’ve learned enough, start applying it. Knock on doors, make calls, and find deals. Your efforts will result in successful transactions, which will attract investors.

Presenting Your Deals

Underwrite for the Lender

When presenting a deal, provide comprehensive details. This includes due diligence, comparables, rehab estimates, and multiple exit strategies. Make it as easy as possible for lenders to understand and trust your deal.

Convey Confidence and Knowledge

Your ability to secure private capital heavily depends on how you present yourself. Speak confidently about your deals, showcase your knowledge, and you’ll find that investors are more willing to trust you with their money.

Building Your Network

Attend Meetups and Groups

Networking is crucial. Attend real estate meetups and clubs to connect with potential investors. Share your success stories and knowledge. Over time, people will approach you to invest in your deals.

Partner with Seasoned Investors

Find experienced investors willing to guide you. Offer to work for less or even volunteer to gain more knowledge. Once you’ve proven yourself, these investors might become your partners.

Resources for Learning

Propelio Academy

For those new to real estate, Propelio Academy offers free resources to help you get started. Courses cover topics from wholesaling to multi-family properties, subject to deals, and more. These resources are invaluable for gaining the knowledge needed to succeed.

Mentors and Tutorials

While mentors can be expensive, they can also fast-track your success. However, only invest in a mentor once you’re sure real estate is the path for you. Use free resources initially to gain a foundational understanding.


Success in real estate comes from effectively using your time to gain knowledge and then applying that knowledge to secure deals. As you build your experience, presenting solid, well-documented deals will attract the money you need. Use resources like Propelio Academy to continue learning and networking to expand your opportunities. Your journey to financial freedom in real estate begins with the right use of time and knowledge.

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