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The Hustle and Grind of Real Estate Investing

Good morning, fellow investors! Let’s give a big shout-out to Pat Hilton for that killer theme song. If you’re digging it, drop some love in the comments.

Today, we’re going full-on motivation mode. You’ve heard us bash those generic motivational speeches before—those empty promises from folks who’ve never done a thing. But let’s face it, sometimes we all need a pep talk. It’s episode 129, and we’re mixing it up.

Here’s the deal: Real estate investing isn’t just about the glamour shot of a big check at the closing table. It’s about the grind. It’s about those days when you’re hustling so hard you forget to eat lunch (true story). It’s about showing up and doing the work, even when you’re getting spit at and doors slammed in your face.

Real Talk on Hustle

This past weekend, I hit up Meltdown in the Desert, a big social media entrepreneurship conference. Last year, it gave Corey Thompson the drive to pivot from making shirts to building a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio. That’s the power of a solid motivational push coupled with hard work.

Let’s get one thing straight: Unrealistic expectations can kill your momentum in this business. The negative image from social media’s constant highlight reel doesn’t help. Seeing others flaunt their big wins and thinking, “Why isn’t that me?” can be discouraging. But remember, behind every glossy post is a mountain of work, missed meals, sleepless nights, and failed deals.

My Journey: From Zero to Millionaire

I’m living proof that hustle and grind pay off. I didn’t come from money. I grew up in a modest home with gang tags on the front. But determination drove me.

When I quit my job, I had $1,500 to my name and a six-month expense buffer. That $1,500 turned into a million dollars in five years. It wasn’t easy. I worked 15-hour days for 18 months straight, including Christmas mornings. My journey isn’t unique—hard work and smart decisions got me here, and they can get you here too.

Here’s the kicker: I didn’t build my success alone. I had mentors like Scott Horn, who I relentlessly pursued for months until he gave me a shot. You need to find your Scott Horn—someone to guide you, someone you can learn from.

Networking and Support

Look, we’re a community. Real estate investing isn’t a solo sport. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, your network is your net worth. Tag those who have helped you along the way. Show appreciation, and remember: helping others can open doors for you too.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Rah-rah speeches are great, but they don’t close deals—you do. You need to take action. Here’s what I want you to do today:

  1. Identify Leads: Pull a list from Propelio or drive for dollars.
  2. Engage: Knock on doors, send letters, make calls. Put yourself in front of sellers.
  3. Follow Up: Answer your phone. It’s your lifeline to closing deals.

If you’re struggling, it’s okay to admit it. Most of us have been there. Lean on your peers, ask for help, and share your challenges. This business is about persistence.

Closing Remarks

In the world of real estate investing, success comes from relentless hustle, strategic decisions, and unwavering determination. Our journey with the South Arlington “hoarder house” is a testament to facing challenges head-on and transforming them into opportunities. Remember, it’s not just about the big wins but the daily grind that gets you there. 

Keep pushing, keep learning, and stay connected with your community. With hard work and the right support, you too can turn your dreams into reality. Stay motivated, stay driven, and let’s continue making strides together.

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