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Propelio TV’s Weekly Rewind: Highlights and Insights for Real Estate Investors

Propelio TV’s “Rewind” is your go-to show for a cheat sheet of the week’s content in real estate investment. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting started, this one-hour recap provides valuable insights from various shows on Propelio TV. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what was covered this week, focused on scaling your business and leveraging unique strategies.

Turn Your Car into a Marketing Tool: Daniel’s Creative Approach to Bandit Signs

Daniel’s show delved into the innovative use of bandit signs on cars as a guerrilla marketing strategy. Unlike traditional signs, these are mobile, cost-effective, and don’t attract code enforcement issues. He explained how to track metrics through phone extensions and offered legal documentation tips. To incentivize participants, he either pays 10% of wholesale profits or 3% of the sales price, depending on the deal.

The Power of Creativity: Cory’s Show with Pat Hilton

Cory’s show featured Pat Hilton, who brought a unique twist by singing jingles for cold callers. This episode emphasized the importance of making calls, regardless of the script, and how creativity can turn even an absurd situation into a lead. Cory proved that the effort to call can lead to unexpected sales, reinforcing that action trumps hesitation.

Navigating Title Companies: Quiz Talks with Brittney Washington

Brittney Washington shed light on the roles of title companies and what an escrow officer does. She explained the cost of title policies and how they are regulated by the state. Brittney also shared her insights on current market conditions, suggesting that stagnation should be seen as an opportunity.

Investor Mistakes and Strategic Planning: Power Hour with Daryl and Steve Rosenberg

Daryl and Steve Rosenberg highlighted common investor mistakes and the importance of working backward from your goals. They stressed the need to understand the TREC contract and accurately determine comps and rehab costs. This show underscored the significance of strategic planning and the pitfalls of improvising without a solid foundation.

The Importance of Insurance: Grant Camp’s “Teach Me Something”

Grant Camp’s session focused on the three critical elements of choosing the right type of insurance and agent. He advised on understanding policy costs beyond cheap premiums and stressed the importance of having an agent who acts as an advisor. Grant shared insights on the types of insurance necessary for real estate, emphasizing wind, hail, and water insurance as critical in Texas.

Maximizing Tax Benefits: Commercial Cash Flow Show

The Commercial Cash Flow Show explored cost segregation studies, which help increase depreciation deductions by breaking down a property into individual components. This tactic is beneficial for reducing taxable income. The show also touched on the criteria for being an active real estate professional and considerations for inherited properties.

Building a Multi-Million Dollar Business: Casey and Ryan’s Show with Carlos Reyes and Sal

Carlos Reyes and Sal shared their journey from starting as a one-man operation to scaling a multi-million dollar wholesale company. They emphasized the importance of hiring an acquisitions manager early on and automating systems and processes. The show provided a blueprint for growing your business, from using free initial resources to leveraging CRM systems and evaluating sales candidates.

Tracking Investment Journeys: Jason Bible and Kelly Mechanic’s Show

Jason and Kelly previewed their upcoming real estate deals, including beach houses and an Airbnb property, and discussed the importance of proper insurance coverage. Kelly shared an incident where an Airbnb guest caused significant damage, highlighting the need for comprehensive insurance.

Mastering Marketing and Sales: Real Estate Business Mastery with Charles

Charles walked through his transition from an investment banker to a powerhouse wholesaler. He stressed the importance of marketing and sales as the backbone of a wholesale business. Charles provided a detailed guide on using free resources when starting out and shared automation strategies to streamline operations.

Capitalizing on Divorce Leads: REI Divas with Elizabeth Palmer

Elizabeth Palmer, a high-end divorce attorney, explained how to find and approach divorce leads. She discussed the importance of empathy and the best ways to market yourself to divorce attorneys. Using SEO strategies, such as incorporating specific keywords related to divorce, was another key takeaway.

Scaling Your Business: Donovan Ruffen’s Flipping Houses 101

Donovan Ruffen’s show was packed with practical advice for scaling a house-flipping business. He dismissed the 70% rule, advising to focus on volume. Donovan covered how to find contractors, the order of rehab work, and pricing strategies. His tips on listing slightly under comps and the benefits of higher buyer agent commissions were invaluable.

Sales Training and Identifying Talents: TJ’s Painting Gains Show

In a fun and insightful episode, TJ interviewed sales trainer Brad Stribling. Brad shared his methods for identifying and nurturing talents within a team. The episode also included a humorous story about Brad’s aversion to rehabs, highlighting the importance of finding your niche in real estate.


Propelio TV’s “Weekly Rewind” offers a treasure trove of actionable insights and innovative strategies for real estate investors at all levels. From turning your car into a mobile marketing tool to mastering the intricacies of insurance and leveraging cost segregation studies, this week’s episodes are packed with valuable lessons. 

Whether you’re scaling your business or navigating market challenges, these highlights provide the knowledge and inspiration needed to succeed in the ever-evolving real estate landscape. Stay tuned and keep learning with Propelio TV.

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