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Insights from Julie Ziglar: Legacy, Real Estate, and Overcoming Fear

Julie Ziglar, daughter of the legendary motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, has a wealth of experiences to share. From traveling the world with her father to carving out her own path in the real estate industry, Julie’s journey is inspiring. In this post, we’ll dive into her story, her father’s legacy, and practical advice on overcoming fear and achieving success.

Proud of Her Father and His Teachings

Julie is immensely proud of her father and values the opportunity to share the wisdom he passed on to her. Zig Ziglar’s impact on personal development and motivation is well-known, but having a one-on-one connection with him was a unique privilege. Julie cherishes the lessons she learned directly from him and aims to spread those teachings to others.

Meeting Zig Ziglar

Julie shared a heartwarming story about how Pam, one of her close friends, first met Zig Ziglar. Pam attended a real estate talk hoping to meet Zig, and when she finally did, she seized the moment to take a memorable photo with him. Zig, always the motivator, asked Pam if she had written a book yet—a question he asked many because he believed a book was foundational for building credibility in any business.

Pam took his advice seriously, and it led to her writing “From Lemonade to Million Dollar Deals,” which she proudly claims is the best business card she ever created. She encourages others to start writing, as it can profoundly impact their careers.

Zig Ziglar’s Journey from Salesman to Motivational Speaker

Zig Ziglar’s career began in sales after his stint in the Navy. He became a top salesman for a cookware company, driven by the realization that sales commissions were more lucrative than most other jobs. His persistence paid off when he landed a role despite initial rejections.

The pivotal moment came when he moved to Dallas to work for a company that allowed him to train their salespeople while building his speaking business. He connected with influential figures like Mary Kay Ash, which bolstered his career. Zig’s first book, “See You at the Top,” faced initial rejections but eventually became a cornerstone of his success.

Speaking to Thousands: From Rotary Clubs to Massive Audiences

Zig Ziglar’s speaking career was nothing short of remarkable. He delivered over 3,000 speeches, starting from small settings like Rotary Clubs and Toastmasters meetings. His ability to captivate audiences and inspire them to take action set him apart. Julie fondly recalls her father’s dedication to helping others through his speeches, an endeavor that eventually saw him speaking to massive audiences of up to 25,000 people.

Famous Zig Ziglar Quotes

One of Zig Ziglar’s most famous quotes is, “Money isn’t everything, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen.” This highlights the importance of financial stability without losing sight of life’s other priorities. Another powerful quote is, “You can have everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” This philosophy underpinned Zig’s approach to life and business, emphasizing the value of mutual benefit.

Traveling with Zig and Speaking to Massive Audiences

Julie shared her experiences traveling with her father and speaking alongside him. One memorable event was in Washington D.C., where she and her father spoke to an audience of 18,000 people. Despite the daunting size, Julie found that her father’s presence and extensive practice helped mitigate her fears.

Overcoming Fear and Building Confidence

Pam shared a personal story about freezing during her first keynote speech, highlighting the difference between fear and a lack of self-confidence. Overcoming such challenges requires practice and the right mentorship. Julie emphasized that practicing her father’s materials repeatedly helped her gain confidence. She advises having the first three minutes of any talk thoroughly prepared, as it sets the tone and eases initial nervousness.

Fear of Success vs. Fear of Failure

An interesting insight Julie shared is that people often fear success more than failure. The pressure to maintain success and the changes it brings can be daunting. Julie advises taking small, incremental steps to mitigate this fear and build confidence gradually.

Living in Dallas and Continuing the Legacy

Julie’s family moved to Dallas when she was 13, a pivotal moment in their lives. Zig’s connection with Mary Kay Ash and Mary Crowley provided significant opportunities that helped him establish his speaking career. Julie continues to honor her father’s legacy through various initiatives, ensuring his wisdom reaches future generations.

Meeting Prominent Figures

Traveling with Zig Ziglar exposed Julie to numerous prominent figures. One of her favorites was Rudy Giuliani, whom she described as personable, friendly, and respectful. Such encounters enriched her experiences and provided valuable insights into various leadership styles.

How Julie and Pam Met

Julie and Pam’s friendship began through a Facebook event invitation. Julie’s openness to connecting with new people led Pam to attend her event, fostering a lasting friendship. They bonded over their shared passion for real estate, with Pam introducing Julie to various opportunities in the field.

Getting into Real Estate

Julie’s interest in real estate was sparked by her father’s habit of envisioning potential developments on vacant land. Her journey led her to obtain her real estate license, opening new avenues for her career. She joined Prime Properties, where she engages in property management and real estate investments.

Prime Properties Realty: A One-Stop Shop for Investors

Prime Properties Realty offers a comprehensive solution for real estate investors. They handle property acquisitions, renovations, tenant placements, and ongoing management. This integrated approach simplifies the investment process, making it accessible even for those new to real estate.

Passion for Land and Rural Properties

Julie is particularly passionate about land and rural properties. She assists others in buying and flipping land, leveraging her extensive knowledge of the area. Her familiarity with local conditions enables her to provide valuable advice to potential buyers.

Julie’s Personal Real Estate Plans

Julie is excited about investing in her own property, particularly focusing on horse properties and acreage. Her vision includes creating small, well-maintained plots for tiny homes, providing a unique living experience that combines rural charm with modern amenities.

Investment Property Management Services

Prime Properties Realty offers a range of services for residential investment properties. They manage everything from repairs and maintenance to tenant placement, ensuring a hassle-free experience for investors. Their expertise in renovations and cost-effective repairs adds significant value to their offerings.

Julie’s Life Philosophy

Julie lives by a philosophy of honesty, integrity, and helping others. She believes in making a positive impact wherever she goes, whether by picking up litter or assisting someone in need. This approach aligns with her father’s teachings and continues to guide her actions.

Continuing the Zig Ziglar Legacy

The Ziglar Legacy Certified Training classes and Ziglar Speakers Institute are initiatives aimed at preserving Zig Ziglar’s wisdom. These programs train individuals to teach Zig’s philosophies and speaking techniques, ensuring his legacy continues to inspire future generations.

Contact Julie for Real Estate Opportunities

Julie is always open to connecting with new people and helping them with their real estate needs. You can reach her through email at [email protected] or call her at 817-233-8444.

Living in Alvord, Texas

Julie resides in Alvord, a town north of Decatur. Her rural lifestyle complements her passion for land and real estate, allowing her to stay connected with the community and nature.

Wrapping Up

Julie Ziglar’s journey is a testament to the lasting impact of her father’s teachings and her personal commitment to helping others. Whether through real estate or motivational speaking, Julie continues to honor Zig Ziglar’s legacy while carving out her own path. For more insights and opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact her and explore the wisdom and services she offers. If you enjoyed this post, please share, like, and comment to stay connected and keep the conversation going.

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