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Mastering Sales: Sales 101 with Donovan Ruffin

Welcome to Propelio TV! I’m Donovan Ruffin, and today, we’re diving deep into Sales 101. Over the past few years, I’ve been training sales reps and refining techniques that have proven results. This post is designed to share the sales tactics I’ve honed so you can improve your sales game. Let’s get right to it.

The 5 Steps to the Conversation

These steps are universal, whether you’re selling real estate or any other product. Mastering these can lead to more efficient and successful sales.


First impressions are everything. When you initially interact with a client or customer, how you come across in those first few moments can determine the outcome of your pitch.


Initiate conversation with something light and unrelated to the sales process. It could be about their pet, the recent weather, or mutual interests. This helps to:

  • Find common ground: Establish a connection by finding something you both can relate to.
  • Make people laugh: Humor can be a powerful tool. It makes you more relatable and eases the tension.

Build CPR (Creating a Personal Relationship)

Nobody does business with someone they don’t trust. Your goal is to build a personal relationship where customers feel comfortable and trust you. Think of it like selling to your mom. She trusts you, and so should your client.


Think like a detective. The investigation phase involves asking lots of questions to understand your client’s needs and concerns.

  • Personal questions: Where are they from? What do they do for fun? Do they have kids?
  • Business questions: Why are they selling their house? What are their plans after the sale?

Gathering this information gives you ammunition to tailor your pitch effectively.

Demonstrating Capability

Once you have identified their problems, it’s time to show how your product solves them.

Provide Solutions to Their Problems

  • Use “sniper bullets”: Address the high-value problems with precise solutions. Focus on key pain points and solve them directly.

Pitch Your Product Based on Specific Problems

Connect the dots for your client. Show them how your product or service directly addresses their needs. Make them see the value in a way that resonates with their specific situation.

Obtaining Commitment

Here’s where you close the deal. Get your client into a yes mindset by consistently affirming their needs and showing how your solution is the best fit.

  • Get into “yes” mindset: Keep them agreeing with you throughout the conversation.


After obtaining commitment, it’s crucial to reassure your client. Go over the details again, answer any remaining questions, and solidify their confidence in their decision.

Reassure by Re-Answering Questions

Make sure all their questions are answered clearly to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Recap Scenario and Solutions

Summarize what you’ve discussed to reinforce the value and build further trust.

The Closing Objection Triangle

Objections are a normal part of any sales process. Handling them effectively is key to closing deals.

Have Rebuttals Prepared for Objections

For every common objection, have a well-thought-out response ready.

Overcome Objection with Rebuttal

Address the concern directly and immediately circle back to closing the deal. Don’t give room for more objections to arise.

Go Back Into Closing/Pitch

After addressing each objection, steer the conversation back to closing. Keep the momentum going.

Find the Real 1-2 Core Objections

Often, clients will present multiple objections, but there are usually one or two core issues holding them back. Identify and address these effectively.

The 5 Factors of Impulse (JB FIT)

People often make decisions based on impulse. By understanding these five factors, you can influence their decision-making process more effectively.

Jones Effect

People want what others have. Mentioning success stories and other satisfied clients creates social proof.

Be the Expert

Know your stuff. Confidence and expertise in your product build trust and credibility.

Fear of Loss

Create a sense of urgency. Make them feel they might miss out on a great opportunity if they don’t act quickly.


Don’t come across as desperate. Indicate that while you want their business, you don’t need it. This creates an impression of high value and confidence.

Take Control

Be authoritative. Guide the conversation and decisions. Tell them what steps to take next clearly and confidently.

General Principles

Less Talking = More Sales

Listen more than you talk. Gather information and tailor your solutions. The less you say, the more impactful your words will be.

Build Relationships First

Focus on creating genuine connections. People buy from those they trust and like.

Overcome All Objections

Don’t shy away from objections. Address them head-on and turn them into opportunities to reassure and convince your client.

Have Confidence in Your Product

Believe in what you’re selling. Your conviction will come through in your pitch.

Use Psychology and Persuasion

Understand the psychological triggers that influence decision-making. Use them to your advantage.

Track Key Metrics and Numbers

Keep an eye on your key performance indicators (KPIs). They help you understand what’s working and what needs adjustment.

Keep Improving Through Repetition

Practice makes perfect. The more pitches you execute, the better and more efficient you’ll become.


In conclusion, mastering the art of sales requires a combination of understanding human psychology, building genuine relationships, and effectively addressing client needs. By following the five steps to a conversation, handling objections with confidence, and leveraging the five factors of impulse, you can significantly enhance your sales performance. Remember, less talking often leads to more sales, so focus on listening and tailoring your approach to each client. Keep refining your techniques, track your key metrics, and continuously improve through repetition. With these strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to close more deals and achieve lasting success in sales.

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