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How to Succeed in Real Estate with Mark Briscoe

Good morning, everyone! Today we have a special guest, Mark Briscoe, a mentor who has profoundly impacted my journey in real estate. Mark has been in the business for over 15 years, transitioning from a firefighter to an expert in the field. It’s a pleasure to have him share his insights and experiences. Let’s dive right into Mark’s story and the valuable lessons he has for all aspiring real estate investors.

From Firefighter to Real Estate Mogul

Mark Briscoe started his career as a firefighter at 19. With a strong influence from his father, who served in the military, Mark chose public service over the military. His dedication to firefighting led him to meet his future wife, a trauma nurse, who played a pivotal role in his real estate journey.

The Catalyst

Mark and his wife decided they wanted a better financial future than their public service salaries could provide. They attended a seminar by Russ Whitney, which ignited their passion for real estate investment. By age 30, Mark made one of the toughest decisions of his life—leaving the fire department to focus on real estate full-time.

Challenges and Strategies

Mark faced numerous challenges, from running out of money to banks calling in loans during economic downturns. But he learned from each experience and adapted. Some key strategies that helped him weather the storms include:

  • Diversification: Mark learned not to put all his eggs in one basket. He diversified his investments across assignments, flips, wholesales, and rental properties.
  • Asset Management: He created multiple income streams by starting his own property management company and wholesale company.
  • Proper Asset Protection: Mark ensured his assets were well-protected to manage risks effectively.

Overcoming the Downturn

The last economic downturn saw many investors lose everything, but Mark survived by having multiple streams of income and understanding various exit strategies. He emphasizes never putting all your eggs in one basket and always being prepared with different options to make money from any deal.

Building a Strong Team and Systems

One of Mark’s secrets to success is his robust team and efficient systems. His team can make decisions and purchase properties even when he’s not around. Mark uses detailed spreadsheets and whiteboards to track every penny of construction costs, draws, and property details. His openness with his team about financials ensures everyone is aligned and working efficiently.

The Mindset for Success

Mark attributes part of his success to his background as a firefighter, where he developed a high tolerance for risk. He also believes in constantly educating himself and fine-tuning his strategies. Mark highlights the importance of having seven different streams of income, a lesson he learned early on.

Advice for New Investors

For those starting out with limited capital, Mark advises:

  • Education and Mentorship: Invest in local education and find mentors who can provide guidance.
  • Raising Capital: Always talk about private money and build relationships with potential investors.
  • Taking Action: Implement what you learn and don’t get stuck in ‘analysis paralysis.’

The Importance of Private Money

Mark stresses the significance of private money in real estate. He suggests attending local real estate investor associations (REIAs), meetups, and leveraging social media to find private investors. Don’t be shy about discussing money; it’s crucial for your growth in this field.


Mark Briscoe’s journey from firefighter to real estate mogul is a testament to the power of resilience, strategic planning, and continuous learning. His experiences and insights offer invaluable lessons for aspiring real estate investors. Whether it’s through diversification, effective asset management, building a strong team, or leveraging private money, Mark’s strategies provide a robust blueprint for success in the real estate industry. 

By embracing education, mentorship, and taking decisive action, new investors can navigate the challenges of real estate and build a prosperous future. Mark’s story is a powerful reminder that with determination and the right mindset, achieving financial freedom and success in real estate is within reach for anyone willing to put in the work.

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