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The Power of Giving in Your Business: Insights from Brenda Wittmeyer

Welcome back to The Business and Life Mastery Show with your hosts, Elisabeth Nava and Debbie Camacho Franco. Today’s episode is loaded with insights from our extraordinary guest, Brenda Wittmeyer, a serial entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience in real estate and the mortgage industry. Brenda is a powerhouse in her field and an advocate for philanthropy. Let’s dive into her journey, the importance of efficiency in business, and the incredible impact of giving.

Brenda’s Career Journey

Early Beginnings in Sales

Brenda’s professional journey began in the sales industry, where she was selling cell phones. Her transition into real estate was inspired by a friend and a customer who saw her potential. This pivotal moment led her to work for a high-producing real estate team in Dallas, taking on tasks for free to learn the ropes.

Entering Real Estate in 2004

After some time, Brenda got her real estate license and later added a mortgage license. She was determined to be as self-sufficient and knowledgeable as possible. This drive led her to work with during the housing crisis, handling Fannie Mae foreclosures and learning about the investor side of real estate.

Building Her Mortgage Business

Over time, Brenda built a thriving mortgage business, focusing on creating efficiencies. Her dedication and hard work helped her become one of the top mortgage originators in the country. Brenda’s team grew, and she learned the importance of balancing experience with a passion for the industry.

Importance of Efficiency

Avoiding Missteps

Efficiency is critical in Brenda’s business. By taking time to get things right the first time, her team avoids future hassles. This approach not only saves time but also ensures client satisfaction and smoother transactions.

Creating More Time

Efficiency isn’t just about doing things faster. It’s about freeing up time for other important aspects of life. For Brenda, this includes more deals, family time, travel, and even mission trips.

The 2008 Guatemala Mission Trip

In 2008, Brenda went on a mission trip to Guatemala. The experience was life-changing. She realized she could help more by working efficiently and donating the money she would otherwise spend. This revelation was a catalyst for her purpose-driven business model.

Brenda’s Current Business

Real Estate and Mortgages

Brenda continues to be a real estate investor and flip houses, but her main focus is on mortgages. She offers a wide range of mortgage products and resources. Her goal is to be a comprehensive resource for her clients, ensuring they have the best possible options.

Mortgage Products and Resources

Her team provides various mortgage options, acting as both bankers and brokers. They handle everything from traditional loans to niche products. If they don’t have a specific product, they know where to find it.

Structuring an Efficient Team

Lean Team of Six

Brenda’s team may be small, but they’re incredibly effective. The team includes two processors, a loan partner, an assistant, a marketing person, and Brenda herself. Each member plays a crucial role, ensuring things run smoothly.

Roles and Responsibilities

The processors handle the bulk of the loan work, the loan partner helps set up applications and follows up on leads, and the assistant manages logistics and personal details. The marketing person helps maintain the business’s public image and outreach efforts.

Key Qualities

When hiring, Brenda looks for passion, work ethic, and the ability to learn. Experience is valuable, but a team-oriented mindset and dedication to the business’s mission are paramount.

Reverse Engineering the Business

Initial Goals

In the early days, Brenda’s goal was to pay herself back for her business investments. Over time, she realized the importance of operations and leverage. Having an assistant frees up her time and allows her to focus on higher-level tasks.

Giving Back

Setting Goals for Helping Others

Brenda sets specific goals for how many people she wants to help each year. This isn’t just about money; it includes networking, mentoring, and acts of kindness.

Forms of Giving

Giving can take many forms. Whether it’s donating money, providing mentorship, or simple acts of kindness, Brenda emphasizes the importance of giving in all aspects of life.

Brenda’s Nonprofit: Embody Love Movement

Brenda is also the president of Embody Love Movement, a nonprofit focused on helping individuals embrace their self-worth and potential. This role aligns with her passion for giving and making a positive impact on the community.

Brenda’s Weekly Facebook Show

Providing Knowledge

Every Wednesday at 6 PM, Brenda goes live on Facebook to share her expertise in mortgages and real estate. Her show aims to demystify the process and provide valuable information to the public.

Being a Resource

Brenda’s goal is to be a resource for anyone looking for mortgage or real estate advice. Her show covers a range of topics, offering practical tips and guidance.

Brenda’s Superpower: Resourcefulness

Brenda’s greatest strength lies in her resourcefulness. She excels at finding solutions, leveraging resources, and navigating complex situations. This trait has been a cornerstone of her success and a valuable asset to her clients and team.

How to Connect with Brenda

For those looking to connect with Brenda, you can reach her through her website at, email at [email protected], or call her at (469) 879-5949. You can also find her on social media platforms and YouTube.


In summary, Brenda Wittmeyer’s journey is a testament to the power of efficiency, passion, and giving. Her ability to balance a successful mortgage business with meaningful philanthropy is inspiring. By focusing on efficiency, building a strong team, and emphasizing the importance of giving, Brenda shows us that success in business and life is achievable and rewarding.

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