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Mastering Sales Training for Real Estate: Insights from Industry Expert Brad Stribling

Welcome to “Pain & Gainz,” where we delve into the nitty-gritty of real estate and business. Today, we have a special episode featuring Brad Stribling, an expert in sales training and real estate investing. Joining us as well is my daughter, affectionately known as “baby AF,” who’ll be helping us brighten the conversation.

Why Sales Training Matters in Real Estate

Sales training isn’t just for corporate drones in tall office buildings. It’s a vital skill for anyone in real estate. Whether you’re flipping houses, wholesaling, or acting as a buyer’s agent, knowing how to sell yourself and your services can make or break your success.

Brad’s Multi-Faceted Career

Brad’s career is a case study in evolution. Starting out in advertising, he spent 15 years running his own agency. Then he pivoted to sales training, where he spent another 15 years molding sales professionals. Now, Brad is 13+ years into real estate investing, making him a well-rounded expert with invaluable insights.

The Power of Curiosity in Sales

One of the key qualities Brad emphasizes is curiosity. In sales, especially in real estate, you have to be genuinely interested in people. This isn’t about feigning interest to close a deal; it’s about understanding motivations, needs, and problems. Curiosity not only helps build rapport but also uncovers opportunities that a less-inquisitive mind might miss.

Mastering Listening Skills

Brad shares a unique exercise he used in sales training: the stopwatch. Each participant gets two stopwatches—one for the client and one for themselves. Most salespeople are astonished to find out how much they talk versus how little they listen. The lesson? Listening more and talking less can often seal the deal.

Taking Ownership as a Business Leader

If you consider yourself the CEO of your real estate business, you must take responsibility for every aspect. From making sure the floors are clean to owning up to mistakes, setting an example is crucial. Your team and subcontractors need to see you owning your actions to respect and follow your lead.

The Joy and Duty of Mentoring

Mentoring is another rewarding aspect Brad touches upon. Passing on your knowledge doesn’t just help others; it keeps you sharp. Watching someone you’ve mentored succeed is immensely rewarding. If you’re blessed with experience, share it.

Patterns in Corporate Sales

Brad’s insights extend to corporate sales roles, where he often saw people promoted just beyond their competency. Complacency, lack of broader interest, and unrealistic expectations were common pitfalls. These patterns can also be seen in real estate, where high-performing individuals sometimes get overwhelmed by responsibilities they’re not ready for.

Starting Young in Real Estate

Advantages abound for those who start young in real estate. You have decades to build, grow, and learn. Brad’s early experiences, including a somewhat traumatizing house demo project for his dad, taught him valuable lessons that he later applied in his career.

Learning Hands-On with Experts

One practical tip Brad offers is to work hands-on with someone experienced when you’re getting started. Instead of spending thousands on courses, find a mentor, bring them deals, and learn as you go. This offers real-world experience that no classroom can replicate.

Being Genuine with Sellers

Establishing trust with sellers is crucial. Brad mentions that sellers can smell desperation or insincerity from a mile away. Being genuine in your approach not only builds trust but also makes negotiations smoother and more successful.

Focusing on Core Competencies

Know what you’re good at and outsource the rest. If you excel in acquisitions but suck at rehabs, bring in experts for the latter. Self-awareness and specialization can drive your business much further than trying to be a jack-of-all-trades.

Your Reputation Precedes You

Reputation is everything in real estate. The industry is smaller than you think, and word travels fast. Whether it’s between fellow investors or contractors, maintaining a good reputation is crucial for long-term success. Brad exemplifies this, mentioning how his reputation even crossed paths with mine in unpredictable ways.

Final Five Questions

We always end with our guest answering the same five questions. Brad’s answers offer a glimpse into his thought process and aspirations.

What would your dream job be if not in real estate?

“I would own a baseball team. Even as a managing partner with a small percentage, the idea of owning a team excites me.”

What is one thing you’re not very good at?

“Patience. Though I’ve become more patient over the years, I was insufferable in my younger days because I was always on the make.”

What’s your dream home location?

“Orcas Island, just off the coast of Washington. It’s as remote and beautiful as you can get in the U.S.”

What’s one extravagant purchase you’ve made or want to make?

“That baseball team I mentioned? Yeah, I’m still working on that.”

If Heaven exists, what would you want God to say when you arrive?

“You finally woke up.”

Bringing It All Together

Sales training, much like real estate, involves understanding people, taking responsibility, and continually learning. Brad Stribling’s journey through advertising, sales training, and real estate investing offers invaluable lessons that can elevate anyone’s game.

If you found this valuable, we encourage you to like, comment, and share. For questions or to connect with us, feel free to reach out. Special thanks to Propelio for providing this platform where knowledge meets practical insights.

What You Can Do Next

Submit Deals: If you have deals in the range of 85-90% minus repairs, give Brad a call at 214-336-4141.

Historic Listings: If you’re interested in historic district properties, reach out to Sarah for more details.

Follow Us: Join the conversation on Facebook at Platinum Real Estate Mastermind for more insights and tips.

Thank you for tuning in to “Pain & Gainz.” Stay curious, stay genuine, and keep hustling. See you next time!

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