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Software Features

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Overcoming the Most Common Seller Objections

Understanding the Most Common Seller Objections The three most common objections are the seller’s Indecision, the desire for more money and delay tactics such as needing to speak with a spouse or family member before making the decision.  In order to overcome these objections, you must build a detailed Avatar, which is a detailed description […]

Why you should flip apartments instead of houses

Why you should flip apartments instead of houses by @thewillcrozier Good money can be made flipping houses. I did it for years. Even better than the money was the fundamental skill set acquired while flipping houses: Real Estate, Money Management, Partnerships, and Networking. There are inherent limitations in SFR (Single Family Residential). For Example: Let’s […]

Queen of Short Sales – The Inner Circle with Melody Medley

  In this episode our host, Daniel Moore, talks to Melody Medley from Oyezz Real Estate. Medley, one of the most successful young Real Estate entrepreneurs in the industry focuses on short sales. As Daniel Moore states, she is the   “short sale queen.”   Melody Medley has grown her short sale business at a […]

Connecting with “The Connector,” Propelio talks with Brandon Richards

Brandon Richards is a Texas Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Investor known as “The Connector.”  Propelio’s Daniel Moore talks with him about how he got started, his first few deals, and what advice he can give to other new real estate investors. Being both a real estate agent and real estate investor has its […]

Propelio Case Study – Josh S.

This week I spoke with Josh S. who’s been using Propelio for five months. Josh has completed numerous deals, with the help of Propelio, and has kindly agreed to tell us more about how he’s used Propelio to help his real estate investing business. *** I’m a real estate investor and have been investing for […]

Probate Leads – How to Source Probate Real Estate

What are Probate Leads? Probate is the period following a person’s death, where their assets are liquidated in order to satisfy outstanding debts. Probate leads often come in a list form, providing the details necessary for real estate agents and real estate investors to make contact and purchase the recently-deceased person’s home. What Makes Probate […]

Creating Your Real Estate Automation Marketing Machine

Real estate is a living business which requires a living marketing strategy able to respond to leads promptly and personally. Automation is the power surge to your real estate automation marketing machinery. WHAT IS INTERNET MARKETING AUTOMATION Marketing has always been key to business, but in a world where the success of a business is increasingly […]

Texas Foreclosure Process Simplified

Preface: I am not a lawyer, and if you want or need legal advice – pay for it. As is with most people, I am sure you would just love to sit back and spend the evening reading about the Texas foreclosure process in Chapter 51 of the Texas Property Code, but if you are anything […]

Offer a dollar for their house….. and get contract!

Yep, I offer a whopping $1 for people’s homes, and end up getting the contract almost every time. Ok, so how is it I am offering a dollar to a smiling seller and getting contracts signed? Let me give you a brief background on the story. If the Seller Says Yes, You Offered too Much […]