Creating Your Real Estate Automation Marketing Machine

Real estate is a living business which requires a living marketing strategy able to respond to leads promptly and personally. Automation is the power surge to your real estate automation marketing machinery.


Marketing has always been key to business, but in a world where the success of a business is increasingly tied to its internet presence, it is vital to understand how to optimize that presence. Internet marketing automation is a simple way to improve online marketing by building a strong web presence, elevating SEO rankings, and creating evergreen content which targets your audience and personalizes your marketing response to leads. All of this is achieved using low-cost software equipped with simple tools to track your return-on-investment.

Just as the automation of manufacturing processes, such as Henry Ford’s assembly line, revolutionized the auto and other industries, the automation of internet marketing will revolutionize your real estate business by improving quality and efficiency. Automation in this sense, does not refer to a physical machine, but to the processes which take place after a lead has made contact with your website, via subscribing to your blog or email list, or providing contact information, the currency of online marketing. Specifically, your marketing software will respond to these contacts by sending content to the lead, but more specifically by segmenting that content to hyper-target the individual lead leading to higher conversion rates.


At some level, marketing will always require a human element, but utilizing automation exponentially increases the ROI of your real estate internet marketing platform. Let’s look at the three ‘E’s that make automated internet marketing a valuable asset to your real estate business.


You are an expert in real estate and that is where your focus needs to be. Automation software is an expert in marketing, obtaining and utilizing information to maximize your marketing strategy success and analyze its efficacy. Using automated marketing software frees you to build your business through the leads generated by the tools of the software.


Automated real estate marketing is not a one-trick pony. With the appropriate software, your business will see gains across the internet marketing spectrum to include social media, blog posts, texts, and email campaigns. Social media accounts will automatically generate alerts to subscribers when new content is posted and RSS feeds will do the same with blogs. Even when potential leads are away from their pcs, they can be reached on their mobile devices via texts and email alerts regarding properties that are relevant to them as well as other sales and information materials.


By utilizing content segmentation, not only will your marketing reach leads through various streams, but it will ensure that the content you share is interesting to the individual you are targeting. This is achieved by tracking what the lead has previously shown interest in and tailoring future content to those interests. The more tailored your content is, the more likely that it will convert a lead to actual business. Social media is customized by adding content which is relevant to the local aspect of the business, using keywords searched locally and with user reviews and market specific information. Blogs can be edited to include built-in SEO based on the search terms which your audience is most interested in.


Once you have generated a lead list, automated software can boost your ability to convert those leads via a few different tools. Some software can track the pages and properties a lead viewed before a scheduled consult, so you can go into a meeting prepared with information pertinent to your client. In addition, you can more accurately target business through a hot-lead list which is generated by tracking which leads have actually converted to business or are ready to buy within a short time frame.

To understand how effective your automated internet marketing campaign is, there are tools which track metrics and conversion rates overall and can put together reports over time which illustrate the effectiveness of a campaign at various stages. So, if you change your strategy you can quickly and accurately discern if it is working better or worse than the previous version. It also tracks competitors, which gives you a better understanding of where you stand in relation to them and can give you leads as to what works and what doesn’t based on the success or failure of their campaigns.


Automated real estate marketing is a cost-effective and simple way to revolutionize your business marketing platform without the hassle of marketing courses or the expense of hiring experts. With the help of an automated marketing program you and your business can keep evolving and keep earning!

Image courtesy Flickr and Rog01

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