Software Features


Software Features

Property Data

Research properties and their owners, compile lists, and more.

MLS Comps

A multiple-listing service comparable tool.


List your properties with Propelio Realty for incredible savings.

Short Sales

If you have an underwater property, our experts can help.

For Education


Interesting and valuable articles from Propelio and the industry.


Real Estate education platform led by a team of professionals.

Propelio TV

A channel that gives daily updated archive of our live video.

Discover Propelio

About Us

Get to know Propelio better – explore our story and mission.

Map Coverage and Brokers

Shows MLS coverage and broker transactions in your state.

Referral Program

Share Propelio with friends and family to earn exciting rewards

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24 minutes

Hey everyone! This is Grant Kemp from, and today we’re diving into...

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60 minutes

Are you looking for a way to acquire real estate without the need...

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57 minutes

Hey folks, I’m Grant Kim from Today, we’re diving into one of...

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46 minutes

Are you intrigued by real estate investment strategies that require minimal cash and...

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25 minutes

Subject-to investing is one of the most misunderstood real estate strategies. There’s a...

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71 minutes

Today, we’re diving into a crucial real estate topic: explaining a subject-to wrap...

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