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The Go-Giver: How Pace from Phoenix is Transforming Real Estate Wholesaling

Meet Pace from Phoenix: The Go-Giver Investor

Pace from Phoenix is the epitome of a “go-giver” in the world of real estate. Known for his generosity and willingness to help new wholesalers, Pace has carved a unique niche for himself. With a background in running a HomeVestor franchise and now operating his own wholesale company, Pace has extensive experience to share. But it’s his efforts to mentor new wholesalers that truly set him apart.

From Franchisee to Independent Wholesaler

Pace’s journey in real estate started as a HomeVestor franchise owner. Recently, he shifted gears to build his team and his wholesale company. Not stopping there, he also ventured into assisted living. This transition allowed him to bring innovative strategies into his business model.

Helping New Wholesalers: A Hands-On Approach

One of the most frequent questions Pace receives is, “How do I get my first deal?” Most inquiries come from individuals who have either done less than three deals or haven’t closed any. Here’s how Pace helps them overcome these hurdles:

Taking Newbies on Seller Appointments

Pace invites new wholesalers to accompany him on actual seller appointments. This hands-on experience lets them observe the dialogue between the seller and buyer, understand the nuances, and see deals close in real-time.

Closing the First Deal for Them

In addition to providing real-world exposure, Pace often helps newbie wholesalers close their first deal. He guides them through finding leads, setting appointments, and the entire disposition process.

No Barriers Approach

Pace strips away the mental barriers that newbies often face. There’s no “secret sauce” to wholesaling, just the basics done right. By letting newcomers ride along during his daily activities, Pace makes the process feel accessible and straightforward.

The Importance of Building Rapport

The core of Pace’s strategy is building rapport. Forget scripts and checklists; the focus is on genuine, person-to-person connections. When on appointments, Pace emphasizes having casual conversations that make the seller feel comfortable. His approach? No business cards, no clipboards—just authentic interactions.

Leading by Example: Real Appointments

Pace’s mentoring doesn’t stop at discussions. He believes in leading by example. By taking people on real appointments, they can see and feel what it’s like to interact with sellers, sign contracts, and go through the disposition process.

The “Level 10” Weekly Call

Pace and his team conduct a Level 10 meeting every week, inspired by the book “Traction.” This meeting not only helps them stay aligned but also serves as a learning platform for others. They record the final 45 minutes of their team meeting, covering:

  • Weekly KPIs
  • Interesting deals and their breakdowns
  • Open Q&A sessions

This allows listeners to get a glimpse into a high-functioning wholesale operation and learn through real examples.

The Ease and Complexity of Wholesaling

One common observation from newcomers is that Pace makes wholesaling look “too easy.” While the process might seem straightforward when observing an expert, it’s crucial to understand the underlying skills and experience that make it so.

Unusual Appointment Experiences

For instance, Pace recently had a unique appointment where the seller didn’t provide a number. He managed to close the deal by having the seller follow him to a title company to open escrow—a testament to his skill in navigating unexpected situations.

Consistency and Effort: The Real Secret

The fundamental skills needed for wholesaling go beyond the initial hurdle. It’s about consistency and effort. Like building muscle, it takes time and dedication. Paying your dues and finding your unique groove are essential.

Leveraging Other’s Strengths

Pace believes in capitalizing on individual superpowers. Whether it’s his ability to connect with people or Jamil’s social glue, assembling a team that complements each other’s strengths is key. Surrounding yourself with the right people can elevate your business.

Being a Good Listener

Listening is an underrated but vital skill in wholesaling. Letting the seller talk about 70% of the time builds rapport. Asking about items in their home, like diplomas or photos, prompts stories and deepens the connection.

Friendly Competition: An Abundance Mindset

Interestingly, Pace feels that if his top 15 or 20 friends—who are also his direct competitors—left the market, he would actually have fewer deals. This abundance mindset shows that helping others doesn’t diminish your success; it enhances it.

Connect with Pace and Learn More

Pace is always open to helping others. Whether you’re in Phoenix or visiting for a seminar, you can reach out to him on Instagram. He takes people on appointments, shares his knowledge freely, and participates in events across the country.

Instagram and Weekly Calls

  • Instagram: Follow Pace at @pacejmorby for updates and opportunities.
  • Weekly Calls: Join the Sunday call to learn from real deals and participate in Q&A sessions.

Ride-Along Opportunities

If you’re serious about learning, Pace offers ride-along opportunities where you can see the process firsthand. This real-world experience is invaluable for anyone looking to break into the wholesale market.

Pace’s approach to wholesaling is a breath of fresh air in an industry often shrouded in secrecy. His willingness to share his knowledge and help others succeed is a testament to his belief in the power of giving. So, if you’re looking to make your mark in real estate, take a page out of Pace’s book and start giving.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Pace from Phoenix exemplifies the spirit of a true “go-giver” in real estate wholesaling. His journey from a HomeVestor franchisee to an independent wholesaler, coupled with his innovative approach to mentoring, sets him apart in the industry. By providing hands-on experiences, fostering genuine connections, and emphasizing consistency and effort, Pace not only simplifies the wholesaling process but also empowers others to succeed. His open-door policy and abundance mindset highlight that in real estate, helping others can enhance one’s own success. For those aspiring to thrive in wholesaling, Pace’s example is a beacon of generosity and effective strategy.

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